Monday, August 30, 2004

Horse Vitality

HERB-LAX PREVENTS AND 'CURES' COLIC!!!!!!!!!!!! This is NOT NOT endorsed by Shaklee, or maybe not even studied by them, but i have used Herb-Lax for over 27 years and have not lost one horse to colic. Colic is the #1 killer of horses. There are many things that bring it on, and i can't say that it helps all kinds of colic, but i can say that the kinds of colic i have experienced is HAS helped!!! And dozens of my horse friends use it with great success too. Some are a little afraid and end up calling the vet anyway, but the only time i called the vet in a VERY bad case, the vet got lost and the horse was 100% fine by the time he finally showed. Some vets are still sceptical, others are very excited about the prospects........ I first heard about this from a man who came to me wanting 20 cases of Herb-lax. His dad had a feed lot, and he was amazed that i didn't know about it's benefits on colic and scours (deadly diarrhea in calves, foals, and lambs.........). i was sorry i hadn't known about it before!!!! My childhood horse died of colic before i was in Shaklee............ For colic prevention--------give 3-10 daily in feed. Some will be picky at first, but you can start with one and work up. OR, put an entire bottle in the blender, and sprinkle a bit on the grain or other feed they like. equine senior is terrific for feeding any supplement!!!! Some love it right out of your hand!!! MOST horses with colic histories do just fine with 5 a day, but occasionally some need more. Especially important when the weather gets cold, many horses seem to colic more then. One of my mares, and my neighbor's stallion, get 5 every day 365 days a year. i also give them 1/2 cup bran daily. I keep 2 bottles of 'blended' Herb-lax on hand at all times!!!! One in our barn, one in the first-aid kit i take with me everywhere. (i also give each dog one herb-lax every day for cleansing and de-toxing; and one DTX 3 times a week........) For colic 'cure'-----------into a drinking glass, 2/3 full of water, add 2 drops Basic-H (makes that water wetter!!!!!!!!) and about 25-30 Herb-lax. i just pour the powder, about 1/4 to 1/5 of the bottle (old small one...... now i only buy the big size!!!!!.) Stir well. Stand up higher than the horse (on a 55 gallon barrel, or something of similar height), hold their head up (i put the lead rope over my shoulder and try to have an assistant to help, but can be done alone just fine) and using a Turkey Baster, squirt the mixture into the back of their mouth and massage till they swallow. The reason you are up high is to fascilitate the stuff going down the horse and not all over you!!! If the colic pain is especially bad, i give 10 cc. Banamine IM before i start the Herb-lax routine. Walk the horse for about 15-45 minutes, or until they are better. The longest i have ever had a horse stay colicy is 45 min; most are much better in 15-30 min. some say it is best to just let the horse stand and not walk..... I have also had 2 experiences with major colic from horses getting into Large amounts of grain. Foundering is an added serious problem (heat in the hoof walls that can cause terminal lameness). With both horses, they got the Herb-lax routine along with a bottle of crushed Cal-Complex (helps disperse gas), given several times a day. One horse I stood in snow, the other I packed his hooves with ice (because it was summer). Both were pretty sick for over 24 hours, but had full recoveries!!!! I gave them a couple of treatments in the night also. It takes a lot of work and diligence on your part (and being ever-mindful and alert to the early symptoms of colic), but i have personally had 100% success so far. i have saved thousands of dollars over the years, and my horses as well!!! i'd be willing to bet that my success rate is MUCH higher than just about any vet!!! i am sure there are some forms of colic that don't respond to this routine, but i haven't run into them yet. If we could only get every horse owner to keep Herb-lax on hand, and use faithfully as a prevention as well as a 'cure,' i am sure we would see colic lose it's place as #1 killer!!!!!!!!!! My accupuncture vet friend from Minn. was surprised that none of my horses had sore liver points when he first came to see them; we attribute a lot of that to the cleansing power of Herb-lax!!!!!!! strongid, a daily wormer, is known to cause toxic reactions to the accupuncture points but i have never had any horse on herb-lax have sore points!!!!!!! For scours-------in water, put 2 drops Basic-H and 2 Herb-lax. Apply with a Turkey Baster. Repeat 2 or 3 times. Very occasionally, you may have to repeat more, but 1-3 times usually does it!!! Remember, this is not endorsed by Shaklee or anyone else 'official,' but it sure has worked for me for 27+ years now!!!!!!!!!!! I use Basic-H for fly (all bugs) spray!!!!!!!! In a pint or quart spray bottle, fill 1/5 to 1/3 with Basic-H, and the rest wateru, with a few drops of pennyroyal oil or citronella oil. Good for mosquitoes too! Put straight Basic-H on horse ears and dog ears and around your ears too, as well as your hair line, to keep away gnats and mosquitoes!!!!!! NO toxins to enter the body thru the largest organ, the skin. Basic-H is also a fabulous WOUND & PROUD FLESH dressing…. I first heard about this from a friend whose prize appolussa was caught in a barbed wire fence out on a ride. They got him out, and all she had was a 4-oz bottle of H, with which she soaked the wound… was healing so well that they only used Basic-H the entire time. I have personally used it many times with fabulous success!!! My most recent Basic-H Wound Dressing experience with LAST WEEK!!!!!! i was in Orlando at the FABULOUS Shaklee convention when tom called to say our old mare, pilar, had been gored in the rear end by one of the neighbor's ''visiting'' bison. tom sent me a photo on email and it looked as if it did not need stitches, only lots of basic-h applied to the wound. coming soon........ a web page dedicated to ''Tom's Buffalo Shuffle.'' And for Proud Flesh, simply apply to the entire area, full strength, for approximately one week. Even very serious cases of proud flesh begin to shrink and then close up in a couple of days. AND I have soaked bandaids with Basic-H and used on my own cuts; not only heals well, but in the beginning it takes away the pain and reduces the bleeding. Thank you Dr.Shaklee for such an amazing product!!!!!!! (and for burns, MIRACULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!) For horses with Mange or other skin fungi, a bath with Basic-G works great!!!! I leave on the skin for a few minutes, then rinse well. i also put some in the laundry when washing the saddle blankets and cinches. Basic-H and Basic-I are fabulous for cleaning tack. Just a little bit on a wet toothbrush will take away the grime which builds up in tooled leather. 'Rinse' well, then finish off with a leather conditioner. Two horses with pink noses get Sunblock 30!!!!!!!! Questions about this blog call 888-272-6701 Order Shaklee Products HERE

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