Wednesday, September 29, 2004

All Purpose Cleaner H to the Rescue for Burns

Editors Note: This is part of a blog I found and thought you might like it too as it relates to All Purpose Cleaner H the safe cleaner that I have posted about so many times... This blogger is talking about his grandpa and how he has only half of his fingers left, because of accidents. I would imagine Grandma has just about given up worring about him at this point... Here is the story..

This is same man who was working on his car and something under the hood exploded and his whole upper body was engulfed in flames. He was flailing about in the driveway and my grandma came running out and poured a gallon of Basic H over his head and body and he walked away with no scarring whatsoever, just the hair singed off.

All Purpose Cleaner H is a “wonder” product used and endorsed by everyone in my family. The story goes that the vitamin mogul Dr. --- was so frugal that he wanted virtually no waste or byproducts in his factory so he created All Purpose Cleaner H which is the runoff of all the vitamins that are produced. It is a highly concentrated liquid vitamin. I was taught that it is a cure-all and pushed to use it for everything from mouth wash to bug spray to colon irrigation. I will attest that it works wonderfully for poison ivy, sunburns, and bubble baths. But it tasted like shit when grandma tried to pour it on my cereal every morning.

Editors note again: My children would also attest to the fact that I use Barefoot Secret Products for "everything" I wouldn't ever try to get them to eat All Purpose Cleaner H on their cereal though. Grandma must have thought her grandson had worms...that would be the only reason I could think of that she would do this.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Herbal Laxative Prevents and 'Cures' Colic in Horses

George & DeDe Shaw did a tape several years ago about his horses and exactly what he gives them. I bet if you call Frontrunners---800-237-5199---- they might still have it, or perhaps
would resurrect it.

Written By Annie Whitney

the manufacturer, or maybe not even studied by them, but I have used Herbal Laxative for over 27 years
and have not lost one horse to colic. Colic is the #1 killer of horses. There are
many things that bring it on, and i can't say that it helps all kinds of colic, but i can say
that the kinds of colic i have experienced is HAS helped!!! And dozens of my horse
friends use it with great success too. Some are a little afraid and end up calling the vet
anyway, but the only time i called the vet in a VERY bad case, the vet got lost and the
horse was 100% fine by the time he finally showed. Some vets are still sceptical, others
are very excited about the prospects........
I first heard about this from a man who came to me wanting 20 cases of Herbal Laxative. His
dad had a feed lot, and he was amazed that i didn't know about it's benefits on colic and
scours (deadly diarrhea in calves, foals, and lambs.........). I was sorry i hadn't known
about it before!!!! My childhood horse died of colic before I knew about the manufacturer............

For colic prevention--------give 3-10 daily in feed. Some will be picky at first, but you
can start with one and work up.
OR, put an entire bottle in the blender, and sprinkle a bit
on the grain or other feed they like. Equine senior is terrific for feeding any supplement!!!!

Some love it right out of your hand!!! MOST horses with colic histories do just fine with 5 a day, but occasionally some need more. Especially important when the weather gets cold, many horses seem to colic more then.
One of my mares, and my neighbor's stallion, get 5 every day 365 days a year. i also give them 1/2 cup bran daily.
I keep 2 bottles of 'blended' Herbal laxative on hand at all times!!!! One in our barn, one in the
first-aid kit I take with me everywhere. (I also give each dog one herbal laxative every day for cleansing and de-toxing; and one Liver Detoxifier 3 times a week........)

For colic 'cure'-----------into a drinking glass, 2/3 full of water, add 2 drops All Purpose Cleaner H (makes that water wetter!!!!!!!!) and about 25-30 Herbal laxative. i just pour the powder, about
1/4 to 1/5 of the bottle (old small one...... now I only buy the big size!!!!!.) Stir well. Stand up higher than the horse (on a 55 gallon barrel, or something of similar height), hold their head up (I put the lead rope over my shoulder and try to have an assistant to help, but can be done alone just fine) and using a Turkey Baster, squirt the mixture into the back of their mouth and massage till they swallow. The reason you are up high is to fascilitate the stuff going down the horse and not all over you!!!
If the colic pain is especially bad, I give 10 cc. Banamine IM before I start the Herbal laxative routine. Walk the horse for about 15-45 minutes, or until they are better. The longest I have ever had a horse stay colicy is 45 min; most are much better in 15-30 min. some say it is best to just let the horse stand and not walk.....

I have also had 2 experiences with major colic from horses getting into Large amounts of grain. Foundering is an added serious problem (heat in the hoof walls that can cause terminal
lameness). With both horses, they got the Herbal laxative routine along with a bottle of
crushed Cal-Complex (helps disperse gas), given several times a day. One horse I stood in
snow, the other I packed his hooves with ice (because it was summer). Both were pretty sick for over 24 hours, but had full recoveries!!!! I gave them a couple of treatments in the night also.
It takes a lot of work and diligence on your part (and being ever-mindful and alert to the early symptoms of colic), but I have personally had 100% success so far. I have saved thousands of dollars over the years, and my horses as well!!! I'd be willing to bet that my success rate is MUCH higher than just about any vet!!! I am sure there are some forms of colic that don't respond to this routine, but I haven't run into them yet. If we could only get every horse owner to keep Herbal laxative on hand, and use faithfully as a prevention as well as a 'cure,' I am sure we would see colic lose it's place as #1 killer!!!!!!!!!!

My accupuncture vet friend from Minn. was surprised that none of my horses had sore liver points when he first came to see them; we attribute a lot of that to the cleansing power of Herbal laxative!!!!!!! strongid, a daily wormer, is known to cause toxic reactions to the accupuncture points but I have never had any horse on herbal laxative have sore points!!!!!!!

For scours-------in water, put 2 drops All Purpose Cleaner H and 2 Herbal laxative. Apply with a Turkey
Baster. Repeat 2 or 3 times. Very occasionally, you may have to repeat more, but 1-3
times usually does it!!!
Remember, this is not endorsed by the Manufacturer or anyone else 'official,' but it sure has
worked for me for 27+ years now!!!!!!!!!!!

I use All Purpose H for fly (all bugs) spray!!!!!!!! In a pint or quart spray bottle, fill 1/5 to 1/3
with All Purpose H, and the rest water, with a few drops of pennyroyal oil or citronella oil. Good for mosquitoes too! Put straight All Purpose H on horse ears and dog ears and around your ears too, as well as your hair line, to keep away gnats and mosquitoes!!!!!! NO toxins to enter the body thru the largest organ, the skin.

All Purpose H is also a fabulous WOUND & PROUD FLESH dressing…. I first heard about this from a friend whose prize appolossa was caught in a barbed wire fence out on a ride. They got him out, and all she had was a 4-oz bottle of H, with which she soaked the wound… was healing so well that they only used All Purpose H the entire time. I have personally used it many times with fabulous success!!! my most recent H Wound Dressing experience with LAST WEEK!!!!!! i was in orlando at the FABULOUS manufacturer convention when tom called to say our old mare, pilar, had been gored in the rear end by one of the neighbor's ''visiting'' bison. tom sent me a photo on email and it looked as if it did not need stitches, only lots of H applied to the wound. coming soon........ a web page dedicated to ''Tom's Buffalo Shuffle.''

And for Proud Flesh, simply apply to the entire area, full strength, for approximately one week. Even very serious cases of proud flesh begin to shrink and then close up in a couple of days. AND I have soaked bandaids with H and used on my own cuts; not only heals well, but in the beginning it takes away the pain and reduces the bleeding. Thank you Dr.--- for such an amazing product!!!!!!! (and for burns, MIRACULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!)

For horses with Mange or other skin fungi, a bath with Germacide works great!!!! I leave on
the skin for a few minutes, then rinse well. I also put some in the laundry when washing
the saddle blankets and cinches.

H and the Industral strength cleaner are fabulous for cleaning tack. Just a little bit on a wet toothbrush
will take away the grime which builds up in tooled leather. 'Rinse' well, then finish off
with a leather conditioner.

Two horses with pink noses get Sunblock 30!!!!!!!!

Joint Health supplement is excellent for horses as well as dogs. Various glucosamine products are for sale, both over the counter as well as prescription. Joint Health Supplement is not only the most concentrated for the money, but also works VERY well!!!

ps----my Reining horse got Workout Maximizer Supplement after every strenuous workout!!! he wouldl eat it
right up in grain, tho in the beginning I would have to give it with the ever-faithful turkey baster. Rhett is a somewhat slight Arabian, but what muscles he developed!!!!

GO Here To Order Products

Thursday, September 23, 2004

FREE SAMPLE of - All Purpose Cleaner H

I have been writing about the wonders of All Purpose Cleaner H. I'm giving you a chance to try it yourself. If you will email me at with your mailing address I'll send you a free sample while supplies last.

So are you thinking what could I do with a little sample? Answer...PLENTY!
There are 540 drops, or 3 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon of All Purpose Cleaner H in the sample bottle.
3 teaspoons in 3 qts. Of water to wash kitchen and bathroom walls, ceilings
1 teaspoon in a basin
of lukewarm water to wash undies and socks:
1 teaspoon for hand washing a sweater or knit dress; and
1 teaspoon to wash dishes (greasy pots and pans may require more)
2 teaspoons in a gallon of water
to wash the car, leaving 1 quart of mixture aside in a separate bucket to scrub kitchen and bathroom floors;
4 drops to a 16-oz. spray bottle of water to wash all inside windows, including all sills and mirrors;
8 drops to a 16-oz. Spray bottle of water to wash all windows on the outside sills;
3 drops to a cup of water to clean CD/DVD’s using a soft cloth removes finger oils and leaves your CD/DVD’s static-free;
2 drops on a damp cloth to clean shoes, then shine with dry cloth (will not remove wax finish.
2 drops into your steam iron to help keep jets and interior clean
2 drops on a cutting stone for sharpening knives (won’t clog stone and rinses clean)
8 drops to a 16-oz. spray bottle of water to dust entire house, wiping the refrigerator and stove, all chrome fixtures and appliances, furniture, even Venetian blinds and louvered doors.
151 drops remain: fill two 4-oz. squeeze bottles with water and remaining H and set in bathrooms for hand washing hosiery and for washing your hands…delightful!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Biodegradability of Barefoot's Safe Cleaning Products

We have questions asked about the Biodegradable of Barefoot's CleaningProducts all the time and what does that little number inside the triangle mean on cleaning products that you buy.

The following information from the Manufacturer Science Department might help you to better understand this.
FYI . . . the number inside the triangle has nothing to do with the biodegradable of the product inside. It merely identifies the level of biodegradability of the container.

Biodegradation is the destruction of organic chemical compounds by thebiological action of living organisms. Untimately, the organic matter is converted to carbon dioxide, water, inorganic salts and products associatedwith the normal metabolic processes of the bacteria. Thus, in this processcomplex matter is generally reconverted back to its primary building blocksin nature. And the cycle continues.

Fo the manufacturer, the goal is to formulate cleaning products, which not only contain biodegradable cleaning agents, but with auxiliary builders (boosters)that, ultimately, undergo breakdown as well. In addition to ultimate break-down, the speed of the biodegradation process is also a critical factor.According to test protocol developed by the Organization for EconomicCooperation and Development (DECD) group of experts, any product in which at least 60% of its organic chemical load biodegrades within 28days under standard test conditions, is not only Biodegradable, but conforms to the requirement for Readily Biodegradable status.

For the Barefoot line of cleaning products, test results validate the claimof Readily Biodegradable for every product except the Germacide and the Fabric softner. For the Fabric Softner, biodegradation does occur, too slowly,however, to be classified as Readly Biodegradable.

Unfortunately, the current technology for our disposal for this product lacks softening agents, which meet the requirements for Readly Biodegradable status.However, we remain vigilant to new technologies, which may satisfy requirements for both softening effectiveness and quick biodegradation.In the case of the Germacide, the germicidal ingredients are, by necessity, not readily biodegradable. If they were, they would not effectively kill ordisinfect the target organisms. This is generally true for all germicidal products.

In summary, Barefoot's cleaners are formulated with the safest, most effective,non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients available. Our continuing effortis to include those ingredients which degrade naturally into the basic building blocks of carbon dioxide and water, thus minimizing contam-ination of wastewater systems, rivers and lakes.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Your All-Purpose Cleaning Hero

Best for the Earth, Best for Your Home Efficient, powerful, safe, and economical. 16 oz makes up to 90 gallons to clean hard surfaces, enameled woodwork, walls, floors, glass, mirrors, even cars. Anything you can clean with water, you can clean with all purpose H. Small wonder it was named an official Earth Day product.

Order All Purpose H Here

Monday, September 20, 2004

Are You Taking your B's? Do They Make a Difference?

Yes, they do!
In 1998 the March of Dimes teamed up with the Center for Disease Control to deliver a public health message: woman of child bearing years should take 400 mcg of the vitamin daily. It is a simple act of preventative medicine that cuts the risk of neural tube defects like spina bifida more than 50% in developing fetus’s.
Awareness of the supplements benefit have increased dramatically, while in 1995 only ½ of woman ages 18-45 even knew what folic acid was, that figure has jumped up to 77%. By 2004 the number of woman taking their daily dose rose up to 40% and all time high. Did this folic-acids advice reduce birth defects as intended? As a matter if fact the CDC reports that 2 major types of neueral – tube defects have dropped by 25%!!

Cited from Time Magazine Sept 27th, 2004 – by Sara Song

Patented Folic Acid Coating - B-Complex... Healthy Hearts, Healthy Babies, & Still More Folic acid, a critical B vitamin, isn't easily absorbed, so Shaklee developed a unique folic acid coating that makes the nutrient more accessible and bioavailable. This patented technology is a Shaklee exclusive.
What stress robs – B Complex restores – known as the "happy" vitamin!
You are in need of B if you experience these symptoms: Mood changes, irritability, nervousness, fatigue, depression, mental confusion, headaches, dizziness, trembling, loss of appetite, insomnia, stress, hypoglycemia, anxiety attacks, cracks at the corner of your mouth, low immunity, hair loss, anemia, dieting

Benefits include: needed to convert food to energy, alleviates sugar cravings, formation of protective antibodies & healthy red blood cells, normal growth in children, reduces risk of heart disease, may be beneficial for the treatment of PMS, morning sickness, anemia, carpal tunnel syndrome, depression, and hearing loss, helps prevent birth defects, cervical dysplacia and colon cancer, needed to reduce homocysteine levels

From Cindy: As a past Community Director for the March of Dimes, it sure makes me feel good that I may have made a difference in someone's life.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Help the Neighbor...It all comes back around

Growing Good Corn...a tale of helping others

There was a farmer who grew award-winning corn. Each year he entered his corn in the state fair where it won a blue ribbon. One year a newspaper reporter interviewed him and learned something interesting about how he grew it.

The reporter discovered that the farmer shared his seed corn with his neighbors. "How can you afford to share your best seed corn with your neighbors when they are entering corn in competition with yours each year?" the reporter asked. "Why sir," said the farmer, "didn't you know? The wind picks up pollen from the ripening corn and swirls it from field to field. If my neighbors grow inferior corn, cross-pollination will steadily degrade the quality of my corn.

If I am to grow good corn, I must help my neighbors grow good corn." He is very much aware of the connectedness of life. His corn cannot improve unless his neighbor's corn also improves. So it is in other dimensions.

Those who choose to be at peace must help their neighbors to be at peace. Those who choose to live well must help others to live well, for the value of a life is measured by the lives it touches. And those who choose to be happy must help others to find happiness, for the welfare of each is bound up with the welfare of all.

The lesson for each of us is this: if we are to grow good corn, we must help our neighbors grow good corn.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

In-Car Air Pollution May Raise Health Risks

Dirty air inside cars may be especially hazardous to people with health problems.

Spending a lot of time in your car may put your heart’s health at risk. A new study shows that prolonged exposure to dirty air inside vehicles could trigger potentially dangerous changes in heart function.
Prior studies have shown that exposure to fine airborne particulate matter is associated with cardiovascular events and mortality in older and cardiac patients. But now, researchers say air pollution levels inside cars which are generally lower than outside, may also increase the risk of heart attack or stroke in people with existing health problems by changing the way the heart functions.
The study showed that exposure to in-car air pollution caused changes, such as increased markers of inflammation and increased blood clotting proteins, variations in heart rate, and other changes in the functioning of the cardiovascular system, in nine healthy state highway patrol troopers who worked in their cars.
In a study, which appears in the April issue of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, researchers equipped each of the North Caroline State Highway Patrol cars with air quality monitors. Overall, researchers say that the troopers were in excellent health and appeared to be at low risk for heart or other health problems. But they found prolonged exposure to air pollution inside the troopers’ vehicles prompted changes in the heart rate that could be hazardous in less healthy individuals.
Researchers say those changes do not seem desirable and show that exposure to in-car pollutants “should be minimized”.

Editor Note: The above excerpt was from an article written by Jennifer Warner, WebMD Medical News. With the AirSource Mobile unit you’ve got the best way to minimize your exposure to in-car pollutants. The AirSource Mobile conveniently plugs into your car lighter and fits in a normal car cup holder, and when you get to a hotel you plug it into an electrical outlet providing you with fresh clean air wherever you go.
To purchase the Air Purifier Mobile unit go to:

Monday, September 13, 2004

Barefoot Secret Cleaners and the Self Cleaning Bathroom

Do you want to avoid the noxious fumes and chemicals in most cleaners?
Do you want to save money on your cleaning supplies?
Would you like to help the environment?
Are you tired of cleaning your bathroom?

You can have a self-cleaning bathroom and accomplish all of the above by using scientifically tested, clinically proven, and effective Barefoot Secret environmentally safe cleaning products.
All cleaners are highly concentrated. Instead of paying for the shipment of water like most cleaners, you save when you dilute the concentrates with your own water. For example 16 oz. of window cleaner costs less than a penny, 16 oz. of all- purpose cleaner is less than $.03 and 16 oz. of our disinfectant is less than $.05!
An average family of 4 will save over $200/year on their cleaning supplies when they switch to Barefoot's Secret Cleaners.
The cleaners are powerful against dirt, yet gentle on the environment. They are completely biodegradable--which means ALL elements of the product return to a natural state unlike some other “biodegradable” cleaners where only the surfactants or cleaning agents are biodegradable.

The cleaners break down completely within 30 days. They are safe for septic systems. All Purpose H household cleaner was the only cleaner named an official Earth Day product. The germicide is clinically proven to kill over 33 pathogens (bacteria, fungus and virus) including strep, staph, feline leukemia, canine distemper, and E-coli. It has a 3-day residual effectiveness compared to 1 hour for chlorine bleach.
None of our cleaners are flammable. The residue from your current disinfectant may leave a flammable surface.
Barefoot's Secret cleaners are water based, not petroleum based. They leave no residue or film to re-attract dirt and grime. You clean less frequently; cleaning is easier, and your floors won’t be sticky.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR A SELF-CLEANING BATHROOM...This is a one-time-a-year procedure! Once you have completed this over-all clean up, you can sit back, relax, and never have to do this big job again! To get rid of build-up of soap residue in showers, on tiles, bathtubs, sinks, etc.
Use a wet S Miracle pad with Scrubber and plenty of warm water. Rub or brush gently, and enjoy the fragrance! Rinse with clear water. Wipe down with a solution of 1 TB Germicide per 1 gallon of water to kill mildew. If mildew is lodged in grouting or seams, brush with full strength Germicide, let set one hour, then rinse.

Need more brightening/whitening? Make a paste using Dishwasher Cleanser or Laundry Brightener and Scrubber, brush on, let set, rinse.
To get rid of film on mirrors and windows. Mix 2-4 drops of All Purpose H in 16 oz. water in a spray bottle. If you have been using other glass cleaners, you may get streaks until the oil residue they leave is cleaned off with the new All Purpose H solution.
Be sure you use only drops when mixing. This works great for dusting, also. Spray on your dust rag and dust even your best wood furniture.

To Disinfect. Mix 1/2 tsp Germicide in l6oz water in a spray bottle. Use this to wipe the outside of garbage pails, diaper pails, bathroom vanity, kitchen sinks, toilet, etc.
For best results, let sit for 10 minutes. It’s a great deodorizer as well as a disinfectant.
Spray throughout the house to kill viruses, etc.

To minimize clean-up in the sink area. Once soap residue is removed with Scrubber, use Meadow Blend Bar or Meadow Blend Hand and Body Lotion from now on to not only to get your hands clean, but to leave no film. It is effective yet so gentle to your skin.

Also, using only Organice Dentifrice Spearmint or Wintergreen toothpaste/dentifrice keeps your sink area looking great, too. Not only is Organic Dentifrice a powerful cleanser for teeth (found to be superior in cleaning when compared by a leading dental research institute with the two leading toothpastes on the market today), but it is so economical that one container can replace two family-sized tubes.

To eliminate any cleaning in shower--on walls or doors--from spots.
After soap residue is removed, use only Barefoot's products because they can’t leave film or spots.
You can bathe with Soap Fre^e Bar or Liquid, Shampoo & Baby Bath, Shower Gel, All Purpose H, or yes even Satin dishwasing liquid!. Your skin will feel great since these plant-based products are soap free, effective, and totally safe.
When you use only Barefoot's Natural Shampoos and Conditioners, there will be no ugly residue collecting in your tub and on the tile or glass walls. None of these products leaves any bathtub ring.
Isn’t that exciting? These products are very kind to sensitive skin, including baby’s. Yet Barefoot's cleaning products have passed every state’s tests for biodegradability and non-pollution.

Many competitors’ cleaners take 10 years to decompose. Barefoot's cleaners return to nature in less than 30 days. Barefoot's cleaners are also Kosher Certified for purity and ingredient labeling.
"It isn't enough to cherish what we have. One by one, (two by two, or three by three) we must actively protect the earth by living responsibly.”
Barefoot's Products for a Healthy and Self Cleaning Bathroom:All Purpose H Household Cleaner, Germicide, Scrubber, Soap Free cleansing and/or Hand and Body Lotion, Natural Shampoo and Conditioner, Organic Dentifrice

To order from Barefoot’s complete line of environmentally-friendly and cost-effective cleaners go to:

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So what is the Barefoot Difference?

The Best of Science + the Best of Nature = Best of Quality
THIS IS Manufacturer of Barefoot's Secret Products!

Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee founded the manufacturer Corporation in 1956. Dr. Shaklee was a chiropractor who went to school with the "father" of chiropractic, B.J. Palmer. Dr. Shaklee held degrees in nutrition, biochemistry, philosophy, and divinity. He practiced chiropractic until he was 65 years old when he launched the manufacturer Corporation. He based his company on the Golden Rule and Products made in Harmony with Nature.

The Manufacturer is a diversified health and wellness consumer products company that for 49 years has been developing scientifically tested, environmentally-friendly products which include nutritional and herbal supplements, personal care products, household cleaners, and home water treatment and air purification systems. The manufacturer is involved in all phases of product development, from research to manufacturing, and sells directly to independent distributors throughout the U.S and abroad. The company is based in Pleasanton, California. For more information visit http//

This manufacturer is recognized as a health-industry leader in the manufacture of quality nutritional products. Our commitment to ensure the safety and good health of those who use our food supplements is something we feel very strongly about.

The basis of our success has been our rigorous scientific approach to the formulation of our products. Over the years, we have conducted numerous clinical studies on our products, many of which have appeared in prestigious scientific journals, such as The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, American Journal of Cardiology, Journal of the American Medical Association and Journal of the American College of Nutrition. Indeed, a number of the studies were conducted in association with major universities such as Harvard, Stanford, and the University of Texas, as well as NASA. The research papers are peer-reviewed by experts who judge it for scientific worthiness. Once the peer-review process has been completed, the study is then accepted for publication.

They are among the very few manufacturers who have its own manufacturing facility and who regularly test their products for safety and efficacy with the consumer in mind.

The bottom line for this manufacturer is that they are committed to making the best quality nutritional products that are safe, effective and can be depended upon, as we tested them for active ingredients.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Fire Ants and All Purpose H (& Non-Toxic Weed Killer)

Non-Toxic Bug Killer or Repellent...
Are you being invaded by tiny ants, carpenter ants, etc.?

Mix 1 Tablespoon liquid dish detergent (H) and 1 teaspoon vegetable oil (to make it stick) in 1 quart of water. Spray around basement drains, baseboards,doors, windows, or other areas where bugs are entering.

This is supposed to work on most bugs. It is recommended that you repeat approximately once amonth or so. This can also be sprayed on plants and lawns and as a foggerfor mosquitoes.

(Info. from local TV health segment) I had a customer that continued to have problems even after an exterminator treated areas outside her home. Ants were continuing to enter her home. She was thrilled when the above mixture resolved her problem without havingto use any toxic chemicals.
I have also used my standard Germicide solution or All Purpose Cleaner H countertop solution to spray and kill ants that have entered.

Non-Toxic Weed Killer...

Dissolve a full box of table salt in one gallon of white vinegar (remove about two cups of vinegar to allow room for the salt). Mix well, add 8 drops of dishwashing liquid, and top it off with the vinegar you just removed. Saturate weeds with a spray of this mixture. (For mature weeds orgrass, additional applications will probably be necessary).

This acts as a soil sterilizer so if you clean an area of weeds with it, wait a few weeksto replant. Also, without the eight drops, the weeds won't absorb themixture, so don't skip the dishwashing liquid.
This works great in the spring when plants are young. A good resource for other uses of H & Germicide is the Manufacturer Mixture & Usage Guide that can be purchased through Frontrunners. They include recipes (from the Field) for treating lawns for fleas and grubs, flea dip for dogs,fly spray for horses and cows (I use on dogs - cover eyes before spraying on head), garden and plant care, etc.... My friend also uses H & G on fruit trees.

To order Shaklee's all purpose cleaner H go to or call 888-272-6701

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Barefoot's safe Germicide Sets the standard again..

Nelson's Shaklee ON-Liner News for the following testimonial.

Just thought I would write a little note about the Effectiveness of Germicide.

"As you know, I clean our church. When I first started cleaning, I was using all the products they already had there, which included: Lysol, Windex, Comet, and other products I had never heard of before. To save the church money, I decided to just use up all these products and then move onto bigger and better stuff later. Well, I noticed that when I would go back a few days later to re-clean, the toilets always had a horrible blackish/pinkish ring growing in the bowl, and the urine smell in the men's room was always very strong.No matter how much Lysol I used, the ring always reappeared and the smell never got better.

Well, about 6 months ago, the Lysol products finally ran out. I started using Germicide!!!!!! You wouldn't believe the difference. No more rings and no more odors in the men's rooms. I can come back days later, and the toilet bowls are sparkling clean. Best of all, the staff at the church think I am a great cleaner!

Order Germicide CLICK HERE of Call 888-272-6701

Friday, September 03, 2004

Barefoot's Secret Farm Uses

Below is information for your farming friends.
Hope you find it useful.
From: Ivan & Martha Willmore
ANIMALS BEEF CATTLE OR STEERS 500 lbs oats or small grain 1500 lbs corn 1 gallon All Purpose H 8 ounce Liqui-Lea 30 lbs bulky sweet [if presently feeding] or 50 lbs molasses 20 lbs Nutra-min 15 lbs salt 6 lbs Lacto-Lev’n and 18 lbs Nuta-Lac Also, if silage is fed, by using Basic H, the carbohydrates will be increased. Feed about 6 lbs of ground feed per head per day 12.2% ration protein 11.4% digestible protein SMALL CALVES [UP TO 200 LBS] 1300 lbs cracked corn 550 lbs oats or small grain 50 lbs molasses moist 8 ounce Liqui-Lea 15 lbs salt 2 qts. All Purpose H 15 lbs Lacto-Lev’n & 30 lbs Nutra-Lac Feed free choice With whole milk or milk replacer Also, have hay or grass available 16.9% digestible protein 18.2% ration protein

RATION FOR DAIRY CATTLE COMPLETE MIX 500 lbs oats or small grain 1300 lbs corn 2 gallons H 8 ounce Liqui-Lea 30 lbs bulky sweet [if presently feeding] or 50 lbs molasses 15 lbs salt 20 lbs Nutra-Min 10 lbs Lacto-Lev’n and 30 lbs Nutra-Lac 14% ration protein 10.9% digestible protein TOP DRESSING 25 lbs oats or small grain 75 lbs corn 15 lbs Lacto-Lev’n and 35 lbs Nutra-Lac 40 lbs bulky sweet or 20 lbs molasses 19.4% ration protein 15.1% digestible protein For cows giving 100 lbs milk feed 25 lbs per day. Top dress with ½ ounce H per day. To get the correct amount of feed, divide milk production lbs by 4. For top dressing, divide this amount by 7. Notes: If you are feeding Anderson Feed Products [Nutra-Lac and Lacto-Lev’n] you should cut your molasses or bulky sweet by one half. For the address of Anderson Feed Products see C.U.P. magazine.

VEAL CALVES - MILK FED Feed milk - whole milk or milk replacer according to size. With each gallon of milk add: 1 ounce Nutra-Lac ½ tsp Liqui-Lea plus 3 drops H per gallon of milk You will find much faster growth and weight gain. This ration will stop scours in 24 hrs. Use this ration for beef or dairy calves. STARTER RATION - Replacement Calves One ton mix: 1300 lbs cracked corn 550 lbs oats or small grain 50 lbs molasses moist 15 lbs Lacto_lev’n and 30 lbs Nutra-Lac Feed with hay or other legumes. Mix well and feed starters all they want. This will replace all starters. You will find rapid growth - fast weight gains with slick and shiny coats - much healthier calves. 19.1% ration protein 17.7% digestible protein

SCOURS-SMALL CALVES 1 Herbal Laxative tablet ½ ounce Liqui-Lea 3 drops H 1 ounce Nutra-Lac Feed twice the first day, then once a day for three more days. Then feed normal CUP rations.

SHIPPING FEVER FORMULA Up to 300 lbs == 4 Herbal Laxative, ¼ ounce H, ½ ounce Liqui-Lea, 1 ounce Nutra-Lac 300-600 lbs == 4 Herbal Laxative, ¼ ounce H, 1 ounce Liqui-Lea, 1 ounce Nutra Lac 600 -900 lbs == 6 Herbal Laxative, ½ ounce H, 1 ounce Liqui-Lea, 2 ounce Nutra Lac 900 - 1300 lbs == 8 Herbal Laxative, ½ ounce H, 1 ½ Liqui-Lea, 2 ounce Nutra Lac 1300 - 1800 lbs == 10 Herbal Laxative, ½ ounce H, 2 ounce Liqui-Lea, 2 ounce Nutra Lac Feed twice first day, once each day after that for three days. Then go on formula for feeding.

DOGS For Worms: Apply 2 drops H for every ten pounds of the dog’s weight on their feed for one week. Repeat this application every 3 months. You may put it in a spray bottle with a little water and spray it over the dog’s food.
GOATS 1000 lbs oats or barley 1000 lbs corn, shelled or cob 8 lbs Lacto-Lev’n and 12 lbs Nutra-Lac 2 quarts H 12 ounce Liqui-Lea 12.9% ration protein 12.0% digestible protein Grain amounts are calculated according to animal’s approximate weight. Feed about 3.7% of average weight.
HORSES 1400 lbs small grain 500 lbs corn 4 lbs Lacto-Lev’n and 15 lbs Nutra-Lac 2 quarts H 35 lbs Nutra-Min 10-12 lbs salt Feed with pasture or hay. 12.7% ration protein 11.1% digestible protein Feed 1 to 1.5% of animal’s weight of above grain mix.
HOGS - finishing hogs 1 ton ration - 75 to 250 lbs 200 lbs oats 100 lbs alfalfa 1750 lbs corn 18 lbs Lacto-Lev’n and 35 lbs Nutra-Lac 12 ounce Liqui-Lea 1.5 quarts H 25 lbs Nutra-Min 5 lbs salt Feed free choice 14.8% ration protein 13.7% digestible protein Gestating Sows 500 lbs shelled corn 500 lbs cob corn 500 lbs alfalfa 2 quarts H 8 ounce Liqui-Lea 50 lbs Nutra-Min 5 lbs salt 10 lbs Lacto-lev’n and 22.5 lbs Nutra-Lac Feed 8-10 lbs per sow per day 13.6% ration protein 12.6% digestible protein Lactating Sows 500 lbs shelled corn 500 lbs cob corn 100 lbs alfalfa 200 lbs oats 100 lbs wheat bran 2 quarts H 10 lbs Lacto-Lev’n and 22.5 lbs Nutra-Lac 8 ounce Liqui-Lea 50 lbs Nutra-Min 5 lbs salt Feed 10-12 lbs per day per sow. Weaned to 75 lbs [hog] 1 ton mix: 1000 lbs shelled corn 500 lbs barley OR 300 lbs oats 6 lbs Lacto-Lev’n and 15 lbs Nutra-Lac 15 lbs Nutra-Min 1 quart H 8 ounce Liqui-Lea 5 lbs salt Feed free choice. 16.6% ration protein 15.4% digestible protein Pig scours [piglets] 1 Herbal Laxative tablet ½ ounce Liqui-Lea 3 drops H 1 ounce Nutra-Lac This formula is for every 15 lbs of the pig’s weight. Example: Pig weighs 30 lbs - give twice this amount. Feed twice the first day, then once a day for 3 more days. Then feed normal rations.
POULTRY Small Chicks 1 - 8 wks 1 ton ration 500 lbs oats or small grain 1500 lbs corn 2 quarts Basic H 22 ounce Liqui-Lea 15 lbs Lacto-Lev’n and 30 lbs Nutra-Lac 15 lbs Nutra-Min 3-5 lbs salt Feed free choice 13.6% ration protein 12.6% digestible protein Chicks - 8 wks to laying 700 lbs oats or small grain 1300 lbs corn 2 quarts H 12 ounce Liqui-Lea 10 lbs Lacto-Lev’n and 30 lbs Nutra-Lac 40 lbs Nutra-Min 3-5 lbs salt Feed free choice 13.3% ration protein 12.3% digest.protein Laying Hens 700 lbs oats or small grain 1300 lbs corn 2 quarts H 8 ounce Liqui-Lea 10 lbs Lacto-Lev’n and 30 lbs Nutra-Lac 40 lbs Nutra-Min [for heavier layers - 50 lbs] 3-5 lbs salt Feed free choice 13.3% ration protein 12.3% digestible protein
RABBITS Growers 200 lbs medium ground mix 150 lbs oats or small grain 50 lbs ground shelled corn 4 ounce Liqui-Lea 2 ounce H 1 lb Lacto-Lev’n and 6 lbs Nutra-Lac Feed free choice 12.7% ration protein 11.8% digestible protein Lactating Does 125 lbs oats or small grain 75 lbs cracked corn 2 ounce H 4 ounce Liqui-Lea 2 lbs Lacto-Lev’n and 4 lbs Nutra-Lac Feed free choice 11.7% ration protein 10.8% digestible protein Bucks 125 lbs oats or small grain 75 lbs cracked corn 2 ounce H 2 pounds Lacto-Lev’n and 6 lbs Nutra-Lac Feed free choice 11.3% ration protein 10.5% digestible protein NOTE: For rabbits: Have salt blocks and water available at all times. Feed with grass or hay.
SHEEP Lactating & gestating ewes 2000 lbs grain 1 quart H 10 lbs salt 4 lbs Lacto-Lev’n and 15 lbs Nutra-Lac 20 lbs Nutra-Min Feed with grass or hay. Feed 5-6lbs per ewe/day 14.1% ration protein 13.1% digestible protein Baby Lambs For healthier lambs: ½ ounce Nutra-Lac ¼ tsp Liqui-Lea with milk replacer DO NOT USE H Lambs 6 - 8 weeks Starter after creeper feed or 70-80 lbs 325 lbs corn, rolled or course grain 100 lbs oats 100 lbs soybean meal 5 lbs Lacto-Lev’n and 10 lbs Nutra-Lac 10 lbs Nutra-Min 5 lbs salt 8 ounce Liqui-Lea Feed free choice. 17.2% ration protein 15.9% digestible protein Sheep - over 80 lbs 400 lbs corn 150 lbs oats or small grain 100 lbs soybean meal 5 lbs Lacto-Lev’n and 10 lbs Nutra-Lac 8 ounce Liqui-Lea 5 lbs salt ½ pint H Feed with grass or hay. 16.3% ration protein 15.1% digestible protein Feed 3-5 lbs per day. Sheep Scours 1 Herb Lax ½ ounce Liqui-Lea 2 drops H [use an eye dropper] 1 ounce Nutra-Lac Feed twice the first day, then once a day for three more days. Then go on normal C.U.P. rations.
TURKEYS up to 8 weeks 600 lbs corn 800 lbs oats or small grain 60 lbs Nutra-Min 38 ounce Liqui-Lea 16 lbs Lacto-Lev’n and 30 lbs Nutra-Lac 600 lbs soybean 44% 2 quarts H Feed free choice 22.3% ration protein 20.7% digestible protein Growers 8-16 weeks 700 lbs corn 900 lbs oats or small grain 60 lbs Nutra-Min 10 lbs Lacto-Lev’n and 30 lbs Nutra-Lac 400 lbs Soybean 44% 2 quarts H Feed free choice. 20.7% ration protein 19.2% digestible protein Breeders 800 lbs corn 900 lbs oats or small grain 60 lbs Nutra-Min 38 ounce Liqui-Lea 10 lbs Lacto-Lev’n and 30 lbs Nutra-Lac 200 lbs soybeans 44% 2 quarts H 3-5 lbs salt Feed free choice 18.5% ration protein 17.2% digestible protein Manure Pits 2 quarts H for 1200 gallons of manure 80 lbs Essential 4-U for odor control per every 1200 gallons of manure. Sows - Pigs Mange & Mites 1 quartH 4 quarts water 1 tbsp Germicide Put on as a mist spray.
EQUINE NUTRITIONAL PROGRAM This program is based on recommendations by George Shaw of Elkhorne, Wisconsin, horseman for 30 years. This program uses only natural food supplements. A 30 day supply of basic mix for one horse contains: 1 bottle of Multi Vitamin Powder [300g] 670 tablets of Alfalfa -grind in a blender and add: 2 cans of Vanilla Soy Protein Powder -mix together and store in container Put ¼ cup in morning feed and ¼ cup in evening feed. After 2 weeks increase to ½ cup per feed. Developing foals need: Basic mix of Protein, Vita Lea, Cal-Mag Plus. Colts mature at a faster rate, have less colt soreness, have a lesser frequency Of splints and a natural shine to their coat. Older horses show less fatigue after racing, their attitude remains good and their Down time is much less when they are sick. Horses under stress, with racetrack bleeder syndrome or fractures need: 1 bottle of Vita C - 100 added to mix. Horses with arthritis, fractures, and brood mares need: 1 bottle of Calcium-Magnesium Plus [130 tablets] added to mix. Horses that are nervous, mean or lazy need: 1 bottle of B-Complex added to mix. Horses with circulation problems and tying-up syndrome need: 1 bottle of Vita E 200 [90 capsules] added to mix. Horses with fertility problems need: 2 bottles of Vita E 200 & 2 bottles of Zinc added to mix.
TIPS FOR IN THE BARN Teat Dip For a good wash - use ½ ounce H ½ ounce Germicide 4 gallons water for average herds [50-60 cows] use ½ tsp Basic H ½ tsp Basic G 1 gallon water Wash with rag, not paper towel - saves $$ Cuts & scrapes Apply H directly on the wound. This will stop infections and help heal. Fly Spray 1 quart of H 4 quarts water Spray where it is needed. Fly Spray for fogger: 3 quarts linseed oil [use very light oil] 1 quart H 1 tbsp Germicide Spray where this is needed. This mixture will not harm your livestock. DO NOT SPRAY DIRECTLY INTO EYES. The chemicals mentioned will work with H, but in no way will conservation update recommend them. Use chemical waste products at your own risk. Information will be available in future issues of C.U.P. concerning Basic H and chemicals.

CROPS If the following formulas for crops are used correctly from fall through the growing season, we should have very few insect problems. IMPORTANT: For proper amount of fertilization per acres, please send copy of your soil analysis to C.U.P. Attn: Farm Dept. Remember: H is not a fertilizer. In finding a product like H we are able to take a field, use a natural fertilizer, and with the combination of H and a natural fertilizer produce crops of a higher quality and not lose quantity. Special Note: On center pivot systems: In order to get the Basic H into the system, C.U.P. Farm Equipment Division has designed a special injector for your irrigator. Contact us for information. Note: If you have a liquid fertilizer attachment for your system, put the Basic H in the attachment.
Alfalfa: 1.25 quarts of H per 20 gallons of water per acres. Apply once in early spring and once after each cutting. Green Bugs 4 ounce Germicide1 quart H Take 1 ounce of the above mixture with 1 gallon of water Green Bugs - 20 gallons: 20 ounce of mixture with 20 gallons water. If the formula for alfalfa doesn’t work on Alfalfa Weevils, use: 1.5 quarts H ½ pint Germicide 5-8 gallons water/acre If H was used in the beginning of spring you should not have any problems. Center Pivot Systems Alfalfa Apply 38 gallons of H three times per year as follows: First Application: In early spring Second: 45 days later Third: 45 days after second. This covers 130-133 acres. Note: if you have a liquid fertilizer attachment for your system, put the H in the attachment. In order to get the H into the system, C.U.P. Farm Equipment Division has designed a special injector for your irrigator. Call for info.
Corn: Apply 2.5 quarts of H with 10 gallons of water per acre before planting. Then apply 2 quarts of H with 20 gallons of water per acres after the corn is up 16-18 inches tall. Center Pivot Systems Corn 1st Application - 61 gallons of H immediately after planting 2nd application - 61 gallons of H after the crop is up 1.5 feet tall. It must be applied in one complete revolution. This covers 130-133 acres.
Cotton Apply 2.5 quarts of H with 10 gallons of water per acre, before planting. After the crop is up, apply 1.25 quarts of H with 20 gallons of water per acres. When blossoms appear, apply 1.25 quarts of H with 20 gallons of water per acre. Also see aerial spraying. Milo & Milo Maze Apply 2.5 quarts of H with 10 gallons of water before planting. After the crop is up 2-4 inches tall, apply 2 quarts of H to 20 gallons of water. Center Pivot Systems Milo 1st application-40 gallons of H should be applied immediately after planting 2nd application applied when the Milo is 6-8 inches tall, using 26 gallons of H.
OATS [plus other small grains] Apply 1.25 quarts of H with 20 gallons of water just after planting. Then, apply 1.25 quarts of H with 20 gallons of water after the crop is up 3-4 inches tall. Center Pivot Irrigation System - Oats [& other small grains] 1st application apply 30 gallons of H immediately after planting. 2nd application apply 14 gallons of Basic H after the oats are up 3-4 inches tall.
PEANUTS Apply 2.5 quarts of H with 10 gallons of water per acre before planting. Once the crop is up 4-5 inches tall, apply 1.25 quarts of H to 20 gallons of water per acre. POTATO FORMULA Treat the soil with 2.5 quarts of H with 10 gallons of water per acres prior to tilling the soil. Then , apply another 1.25 quarts of H per 20 gallons of water per acre after the crop is 3-4” tall.
RICE Organic fertilizer in liquid or granular form should be used. A soil analysis is req’d prior to flooding. No more than one gallon of H per 90,000 gallons of water at flood gate should be used at this time. Killing weeds along canal: For instant kill use 2.5 quarts of H 5 gallons water per acre For slow kill: 1.25 quarts H 20 gallons water / acre
SOYBEANS Row Planting: Apply 2 quarts of H with 20 gallons of water per acres immediately after planting. Not necessary if spring application is applied. After the beans are up 3-4 inches tall, apply 1.5 quarts of H with 20 gallons of water per acres. Planting with Grain Drill: Because the growth is so thick, we can not get on the field a second time. Application of H and water must be done differently. Apply 2.5 quarts of H with 10 gallons of water before planting. After planting apply 2 quarts of H with 20 gallons of water/acre Center Pivot Irrigation Systems Soybeans First application apply 44 gallons immediately after planting Second application apply 22 gallons of H when the soybeans are up 4-6 inches tall. Must be applied in one revolution.
Sugar Beets The soil should be treated with 2 quarts of H with 10 gallons of water per acre prior to planting. After the crop is up, 1.25 quarts of H with 20 gallons of water per acre. Sunflowers Apply 2.5 quarts of H with 10 gallons of water before planting. After the sunflowers are up one foot tall, apply 2.5 quarts of H with 20 gallons of water per acre. Tobacco - option 1 Fall - apply 2.5 quarts of H with 10 gallons of water per acres before planting. Spring - apply 1.25 quarts of H with 20 gallons of water per acre 2 weeks after planting. Apply in the cool of the evening or a cloudy day so the formula will sit on the plants 10 hours before hot weather. Tobacco - option 2 Fall - no application Spring - apply 1.25 quarts of H with 20 gallons of water immediately after planting. Repeat 2 weeks after planting. Apply in the cool of the evening or a cloudy day so the formula will sit on the plants 10 hours before hot weather. Harmful Insect Problems - tobacco During the growing season; use 1 pint Basic H with 20 gallons of water per acre. Blue Mold in tobacco 1 ounce Basic G 4 ounce H Take one ounce of this mixture and add to one gallon of water and spray. Tobacco beds Apply 1.5 ounce of H per gallon of water. Transplanting: apply 1 ounce of H per 10 gallons of water as set water. Apply 1.25 quarts H with 20 gallons of water 30 days after planting. Wheat - spring Apply 2.5 quarts of H with 10 gallons of water per acre before planting. Repeat when the wheat is up 3-4 inches tall, with 1.25 quarts of H with 20 gallons of water per acre. Then - forget until harvest!
Wheat - winter Fall application 2.25 quarts of H with 10 gallons of water per acre before planting. Next spring 1.25 quarts of H with 20 gallons of water as soon as you can get into the field without causing ruts. Repeat 1.25 quarts of H with 20 gallons of water per acre 30 days later. If the 2.5 quarts of H were applied to field for another crop prior to this year, proceed with second application. Pasture 1.25 quarts H per 20 gallons of water per acre. Apply once in early spring, once in early summer and once in late summer.

GARDENS This formula is for general gardens with all types of vegetables. Per ½ acre: apply 125 lbs Natural Mineral evenly in the garden with some type of compost. Then use a garden hose attachment which is an Ortho Bottle from the hardware store. Fill this applicator bottle with: 8 ounce Liqui-Lea 24 ounce H Spray evenly on ½ acre garden four times thru growing season.
VEGETABLES - potatoes, carrots etc : not tomatoes The soil should be conditioned with 2.5 quarts of H with 10 gallons of water per acre. 1.25 quarts of H with 20 gallons of water per acre applied again after the crop is up. Strawberries New ground. Do not use fall formula on any existing plants.
FALL: 2.5 quarts of H with 20 gallons water per acre before crop is planted.
SPRING: apply 1.25 quarts of H with 20 gallons water per acre. Repeat in early spring and once in late spring. For existing plants: Fall - apply 1.3 quarts H with 20 gallons water per acre. Repeat in early spring and once in late spring. Tomatoes When transplanting, put 1 quart Basic H with 20 gallons of water for set water. Then wait until the tomatoes take hold and are going well, apply 1.5 pints of H plus 1 ounce Liqui-Lea to 20 gallons of water per acre. Special Formula for growing Tomatoes [greenhouse]: Mix 3 ounces of H, 1 ounce of Liqui-Lea, and 5 gallons of water. Apply after planting. Moisten ground as needed. Greenhouse Application - vegetables Trickler systems - vegetables 100 gallons systems - mix 1.5 pints of H with 16 ounce Liqui-Lea in 100 gallons of water. Use normal trickler application. Apply twice a week. Spray formula - vegetables Mix 3 ounce of H, 1 ounce of Liqui-Lea and 3 gallons of water. Spray twice a week. Hydroponic System With a clean system when new water is being cycled. For each 1200 gallons of water add: 2 quarts of H 16 ounce of Liqui-Lea 12 B-complex tablets [crushed] For daily use - for each 200 to 250 gallons of water add: ½ pint H 2 ounce Liqui-Lea 3 B-Complex tablets [crushed]

REMEMBER: If you mix the H, Liqui-Lea & crushed B-Complex tablets together, it is much easier to add to the water. Greenhouse Application - flowers Tricker systems - flowers 100 gallon systems - mix 18 ounce H with 4 ounce of Liqui-Lea in 100 gallons of water. Use normal trickler application. Apply twice a week. Spray Formula - flowers Mix ½ ounce of H with 1 ounce of Liqui-Lea and 3 gallons of water. Spray twice a week.

TREES & LAWN CARE Trees - nursery stock Small seedlings or seed beds Mix 1 ounce of H with one gallon of water. Spray on the whole seedling & around the entire trunk. Apply once every ten days. Small evergreens Add 1 ounce of Liqui-Lea to the small seedlings/seed beds mixture for proper vitamin needs. Sick trees 3-4 feet tall Mix 1 quart of H with 8 quarts of water. Then, of this mixture, feed at the base of the tree one cup of solution twice a day for the first day, then once each day until the mixture is gone. Feedings are of mixed solution. Do this feeding three times a year.
Sick trees 4-8 feet tall Mix 1 quart H with 6 quarts of water. Feed at the base of the tree. Use 1 pint of the mixture twice a day for 2 days and 1 pint a day thereafter until the solution is gone. This must be done three times a year. Sick trees 8 feet and up Mix 1 quart H with 5 quarts of water. Feed one quart of the solution each day until the solution is gone. Do this twice a year.
Evergreens Add 8 ounce of Liqui-Lea to the Sick trees 8 feet and up mixture. Tics in evergreens - small trees ¼ ounce H 1 ounce Liqui-Lea 1 gallon of water feed at the base of the tree or spray it on. Webb Worm Mix 1 quart of H with 4 quarts water. Completely drench the tree with this mixture. Let sit for 30-45 minutes, then rinse down the tree with water. This will take care of hard to kill insects in orchards and lawn trees.
Orchards ½ ounce H and 1 gallon water Spray trees before blossoms appear. Spray every 9-10 days for best results. Spray right up until harvest. Sick trees 1 quart H, 5 quarts water. Feed tree at base with 1 quart of mixture per day, for 6 days. This will take care of fungas and disease. Do not feed seedling this mixture - spray with regular formula.
Apple trees Feeding trees: 2.5 quarts H and 80 gallons of water per acre. Insect control: ½ ounce H and 1 gallon water, spray every 9-10 days. Apple scab 1 quart Germicide, 100 gallons water. Spray applies as you would Lime sulphur. Spray at pre-blossom and at petal fall, then every 15 days, for best results.
Orange groves Cleaning irrigation lines: 7-8 gallons H to 90,000 gallons of water. Lawn Care Buy an Ortho Bottle from a hardware store and fill this with H and hook it to your hose. Continually spray your lawn, don’t let it soak. Just go along the grass until the H is gone. Fill again if necessary. Do this 4-5 times a year.
Grubs 1.5 quarts of H ½ pint Germicide 10-12 gallons water Spray every 100 feet or per acre. Use ortho bottle or injector.
Dandelions 1000 square feet Use ortho sprayer or hose with valve system. 2 quarts H 1 bottle Liqui-Lea ½ pint G Should be used with some type of liquid fertilizer. Apply twice a year. Lawn shrubs & bushes For any type of evergreen shrub, use 1 tsp. H and 1 tsp Liqui-Lea per gallon of water. Hardwood shrubs & small trees Use ½ ounce of H with one gallon of water. Spray once every 2 weeks or if insects appear.
Rosebushes Use 1 tsp H per gallon water. Spray rose bushes to protect them from spiders and other insects and disease. House Plants For healthy plants use 4 drops H with 8 ounce of water. Water as needed.

INSECT - PEST Army Worm 2 quart H 1 pint G 15 gallon water per acre Chinch Bugs [only if really bad] 1.5 pints H 1 pint G 5 gallon water, per acre ½ recommended amount of Sevin on fields. For ditches; use full amount of Sevin. Chinch bugs - con’t For Drought areas: 1/75 quart liquid Sevin 1.75 quart H 1.25 pint G 40 gallon water per acre Use low gear with sprayer. This formula should be used if you have not been on the program since planting time. Corn Bore 2.5 quarts H ½ pint G 10-12 gallons water, per acre
Grasshoppers - Alfalfa 2 quarts H 1 pint G 8-10 gallons water, per acre. Alfalfa may turn brown, but will come back. Gypsy Moth 1 quart H 2 gallons water Beetle - Soybeans 1.5 quarts H 1 pint G 10 gallons water, per acre Note: if you have not been on our formulas from start to finish, you may have to use ½ of chemical.
Rootworm Use regular formula for the particular crop. If not using H previously, five early spring application of 2.5 quarts of H to 10 gallons of water per acre, Before any crop is planted on the field. Tics 1 quart H 1 ounce G 3 quarts water Spray formula for troublesome insects: ½ ounce H ¼ ounce G 1 gallon water Use when needed, if yellowing occurs don’t worry.
Fire Ants 1 quart H 1 quart G 4 quarts water Spray mixture on ant hills. Japanese Beetle 1 ounce H ½ ounce G 1 gallon water GROUND SPRAYING Herbicides - Crab Grass, Alexander, Panicea, Johnson Grass First Application: Broadcast: 3 lbs Dowpon 20 gallons water 1 pint Basic H Second Application: 7 days later - directional 3 lbs Dowpon 16 gallons water 1 pint Basic H No yellowing of leaves whatsoever and new shoots undamaged. Great savings by omission of the 3rd application. Broadleaf 2-4 D - Amine cut 1/3 of normal application and add 1 pint Basic H per acre. Better results. Selvix [2-4-5-T] for Broadleaf and Woody stems [ Iron Weed] Cut application by 1/3 and add 1 pint Basic H. By using H, it cuts original product by 1/3, therefore greatly reducing costs with better results. After several applications, one is able to drop regular products and use only H. Pre-Emergent Weeds: 3 lbs Atrazin 1 pint H 5 gallons water Excellent control. Thistles: ½ amount of recommended 2-4-D 1 quart H 3-5 gallons water
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Thursday, September 02, 2004

No more Bathtub Ring!

Add one to two teaspoons of All Purpose-H to your bathtub filled with warm water. No more need for soap! Your skin feels soft and pampered, and squeaky clean it's less alkaline than baby soap! (Also, just shave your legs no need to lather up with any other form of soap, foam, or gel.) Try it you'll like it!

Buy All Purpose H Here Famous all purpose cleaner for over 40 years. Anything you can clean with water, you can clean with Basic-H. 16oz to 30 gallon sizes.
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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Barefoot's Laundry Brightner Removes Stains on Corion

I'm always so excited when I discover another use for our wonderful products. We have Corian counters and a corian sink in our kitchen. As anyone who has a white corian sink can get very stained. Of course "Scrubber" will take out the stains but one day I got to thinking about our wonderful Nature Bright. With all the super specials, I now have extra Laundry Brightner
Well, I sprinkled some (LB) on my sink surface (after I rinsed the sink out) and let it sit. A few minutes later, I came back, swished everything with my Super Sponge and NO MORE STAINS!!Now I keep an old salt shaker full of laundry brightner right on top on my sink and sprinkle my magic whenever I want! ... Janet & Ken Daley

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Vet Uses Barefoot Secret Products with Great Results!

This is a personal testimonial about the wonderful germicidal cleaner. There are two employees at my clinic that are very sensitive to chemical odors. Since we have been using the Germicide, there have been no complaints of headaches from chemical fumes. G is also a great cleaning product. The kennel help indicates that it removes dried blood better than any product that we have used in the past. The clinic uses G in the mop buckets, so we are able to disinfect the floors of the clinic throughout the day. I personally use All Purpose H to wash my hands between patients. In the past my hands have been dry, red, and cracked from washing with harsh soaps. All Purpose H doesn't strip the natural protective coating from one's skin. My hands are all healed. They aren't cracked or dry.
I have also been using Barefoot's Secret nutritional products to help animals with allergies, and hip dysplasia. I have been quite happy with the results.Barefoot's Secret Joint health is the best glucosamine product on the market. It has worked better than I expected it to work in dogs with hip dysplasia.
Molly C. Spicuzza, DVM White Lake Veterinary Clinic White Lake Michigan

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Editors Note: To see the Barefoot's secret manufacture or "real" (trademarked) product names click on the links. Generic names have been used to meet the manufacturer guidlines.
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