Friday, November 19, 2010

Poison Control told us the BEST thing on the label was SHAKLEE

The following story is shared by Ann Cristie:

“I’m writing to share my story so that the many homes in North America can be safer for our precious children. As a mother of 3 active children (6, 4 and 10 months) I have used Shaklee for its economy, strength and safety. But on Friday evening, I was thankful I used Shaklee for another reason... my 10-month old
daughter, Jordan, ate the Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste Cleanser! I was out of the house and dad was keeping an eye on the children. Jordan found the jar and stuck those fat little fingers in the pink stuff and yummy, yummy for about 2 minutes. She then threw up and began to cry. I walked into the house as this chaotic event was occurring.

My first thought was to panic and get help NOW! We called poison control and informed them of our misadventure. The FIRST thing the kind woman said was this ...

Well, the best thing on the label is Shaklee."

You won’t have any major problems. The agents in their products are safe. She went on to explain the nature of the cleaners and what symptoms we mightexpect. “A little stomach distress, some vomiting, some gas, etc. BUT, no hospital, no burning of the esophagus, no stomach lining problems, no lung stress, no mouth irritation.” I didn’t realize what we had averted until I spoke about this at a Shaklee meeting on Monday. Then it hit me; anything else could have killed or seriously injured her! I will tell this happy ending to anyone who will listen. I encourage you to share my story with your friends to get our safe products into their homes!"