Friday, January 28, 2005

Discover the "Barefoot Secret" Difference!

A Testimony by:
Barbara A. Grady, BS, RN
Orange County, New York
I wanted to send you this note to let you know a little about myself and what the "Barefoot Secret" products and opportunity has done for me. I am 33 years old, have a 5 y/o daughter and 2 ½ y/o son and in a previous life was a practicing Registered Nurse. For my husband and me, having our own business has been such an AWESOME gift. A great friend of ours introduced us to whole idea of network marketing over 2 years ago. And starting in November of 2004, we started our "Barefoot Secret" business.

I did some research on the products and decided to try the Weight Loss System and the Basics vitamin pack through Shaklee. I knew I had to lose 40 lbs and get back the energy that I had 13 years ago. I am 5’8 and was 190lbs. Well, I am happy, no, ELATED, to say that I have lost 30lbs to date and have so much energy to keep up with my kids. I also joined a gym last week, so I can look “real good” in my bathing suit this summer. Before, when I went to the gym, I was fat, tired, and had no energy. Now I have so much energy, that I want to work out.

I’d like to tell you that "Barefoot Secret" products have helped me immensely, because my body was “out of whack”, it just wasn’t right. I would have terrible mood swings, due to the “ups and downs” in my insulin and blood sugar levels. And I would grab for carbohydrates for every meal, and then some.

After, being on the system for 2 ½ months I’ve noticed that I don’t go for the refrigerator at night and I don’t wake up starving. I think I wasn’t giving my body the proper amount of protein and definitely not the right type of carbohydrates. The vitamins in the Basics pack are awesome. My nails and hair are so much stronger and fuller.

My skin is clear and glowing (and, no I’m not pregnant, Ha, Ha!) I always thought I had S.A.D. (Seasonal Affect Disorder) in the winter, due to less sunlight, but guess what, this winter I feel so great! I think the B-Complex vitamin has helped me in this area. (I call it the happy pill).

Anyway, I could go on and on about all the products that the manufacturer has, but I think the weight loss and Basics vitamin pack have helped me the most. I hope this note can help everyone that needs a little kick start in their business and most importantly their health.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Discover Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning and Laundry Products

Our Barefoot Secret Manufacture and been making biodegradable household cleaning and laundry products for almost 50 years. They had the first non-toxic, fully biodegradable cleaner in the USA. It was the official Earth Day Product of 2000. contact me at for a FREE sample.

Their laundry care products are also biodegradable, non-phospate, best-performing liquid laundry concentrate and are very cost effective!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Farmed salmon heavy in chemicals, U.S. group says

Salmon--The Most PCB Contaminated Protein Source in U.S.--EWG Test Shows
By Maggie Fox

WASHINGTON, July 30 (Reuters) - Farmed salmon, which Americans are scarfing down because it is supposed to be healthy, may actually be carrying high levels of of cancer-causing chemicals called PCBs, an environmental group said onWednesday.

Wild salmon fished out of rivers and streams may actually be healthier for the time being, the Environmental Working Group said.They bought and tested farmed salmon filets from 10 grocery stores inWashington, San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon, and found seven were contaminatedwith high levels of polychlorinated biphenyls.

"These first-ever tests of farmed salmon from U.S. grocery stores show that farmed salmon are likely the most PCB-contaminated protein source in the U.S. food supply," the group, a non-profit organizationthat investigates environmental matters, said in a statement.

"EWG's analysis of seafood industry fish consumption data shows that one quarter of all adult Americans (52 million people) eat salmon, and about 23 million of them eat salmon more often than once amonth," the group said in a statement."Based on these data we estimate that 800,000 people face an excess life time cancer risk ... from eating farmed salmon.

"They called on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to do its own study and issue health warnings as needed. PCBs come from hydraulic fluids and oils, electrical capacitors and transformers.

They are endocrine disrupters -- chemicals that act like hormones.They and related chemicals known as dioxins can cause cancer, infertility and perhaps other sexual changes.

A BANNED CHEMICAL In the United States, PCBs have been banned for use in all bu tcompletely enclosed areas since 1979. But they persist in the environment and in animal fat. Predators such ass almon eat other fish, which carry the chemicals in their tissues, and it can build up.

The EWG said its limited study found the farmed salmon had 16 times the PCBs found in wild salmon, four times the levels in beef,and 3.4 times the levels found in other seafood.They said their findings are supported by other studies done inCanada,Ireland and Britain.

"In the case of farmed salmon, you have high-density fish pens off the coast of British Columbia, for example, where you have an environment that is relatively pristine but these fish are fed fishmeal from all over the world," EWG Vice President for Research Jane Houlihan said in a telephone interview.

Often this fishmeal is heavily contaminated with PCBs, Houlihan said."On top of that, the fish farming industry produces fish with up to twice the fat of wild salmon," she added. The fat is the source of the omega-3 fatty acids that are supposed to be healthful -- but also provides a place for the PCBs to build up.

Terry Traxell, director of the FDA's office of plant and dairy foods, told the Washington Post newspaper his officewas reviewing PCBs in salmon and other foods. Wild Oats Markets, Inc., which specializes in selling organic and "natural"foods, said it had a new source of salmon from Ireland that, while farmed,wa slower in PCBs.

"Testing revealed the feed used for the Clare Island farmed salmon tested to.568 parts per trillion for PCB levels," the company said in a statement."This is significantly lower than the Environmental Protection Agency recommendation for twice-a-week consumption of 4-to-6 parts per billion, and the current FDA standard of 2,000 parts per billion."

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

How's Your "Tupperware" smelling?

This an Air Purifier testimony from Erin...

Thanks so much for bringing the air purifier by today. Already I have a small little success story to tell you about it.

This morning I took a piece of tupperware out of the cupboard to put a half a banana in. Well, it smelled awful. Marco had used it for hummus, so it smelled of garlic, peppers and oil.

Since we don't have a dishwasher, it just never got all that clean. Needless to say, I didn't use it. I put some baking soda in it and by noon, it still smelled terrible.

Then this afternoon after you left I put the container by the purifier and we went out to run some errands. When we came back at 5, the container was completely free of the stink.

I have to think the purifier is responsible for that magic!!! I was so excited. I can hardly wait to see what else it can do for us:)

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Monday, January 17, 2005

A reason to use Non-Toxic Cleaners

Written By: Kathy

Something happened Sunday that I'd like to tell you about.
I have been a Shaklee Distributor for 2 1/2 years now.Shaklee offers environmentally friendly household products (like cleanersand laundry products), gentle personal care products, and nutritionalsupplements that are clinically proven to support your health.

Our family switched our brands of cleaners, laundry, personal care products etc. because I heard about the "Shaklee Difference" and the non-toxicproducts they offered, and it made sense to me. We began using thenutritional supplements because I heard about our questionable food supply,the kinds of foods we eat and that we may not be getting all the nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy , and it made sense to me.

I want to do what is best for my family, and I believe that, by usingproducts that are non toxic and that build health, I will make a differencein the health and well being of my family. I have not been particularlyassertive in telling people what I believe because I have not wanted to beseen as pushy, or to have people think that I just want to sell them something.

Sunday, I was at a holiday party with my 2 sons, ages 6 and 3. There weremany people, and many children running up and down the stairs from thebasement to the kitchen between the games and snacks. Everyone was having a great time!

Suddenly, I heard my 6 year old screaming - screeching actually- in the way a panicked, scared and hurt child does. As he came running at me I could see him rubbing his red eyes and as he got closer I could smella strong pine scent. "My EYES!!! MY EYES" he screamed. I didn't know what happened but I knew that strong smell and knew that some type of pinecleaning-like liquid had gotten in his eyes.

We immediately took him to the bathroom and started flushing his eyes with water. The hostess called PoisonControl for me after they found the bottle of Pine Sol which had fallen down the stairs, opened and splashed all over him and into his eyes.

PoisonControl told us to give him a shower, flush his eyes for atleast15 minutes,wait another 30 minutes and call them back. When we came down from the shower 20 minutes later, most of the guests had left.

One family had a daughter with asthma and she couldn't be in the fumes. Windows were opened (mind you it was 35 degrees), fans were blowing the fumes (as well as the heat) out of the house, and the hostess was very concerned about my son. Certainly not how the hosts had planned theirbeautiful party to end.

My son is fine right now. He is a brave little boy and this was a "minor"incident considering he has had two major surgeries for a congenital heart condition. However, this kind of incident involving toxic cleaners is SO avoidable. There are alternatives.

I find it ironic that it was MY child who had this accident. Me, the one who has eliminated just these types of cleaners from her home. But this incidentdid give me a wake up call that I have not done my friends any service. I have not done a good enough job of informing peopl that they have other choiceswhen it comes to buying products for your family.

So now my mission for the new year is to let everyone know what it is I believe about the Shaklee products I use. I want you to know that there are SAFE product alternatives that are aseffective and most times less expensive per use than the products you may currently use.

I want you to know that my children have not had a major illness in over 2 and a half years and that because I have eliminated most chemicals from ourhome and I give them a little drink in the morning and 2 little grape things to chew during the day, that they have not been out of school due to sickness. I have not had to deal with throwing up, or diarrhea, ear infections or flus.

My hope would be that as you learn more about these things, that you will tell others so that together we can make a difference and things like this don't have to happen anymore.

If you are interested in learning more about our safe non-toxic cleaners please contact me at: and I will send you information on how to access a virtual "In Home Party" in the comfort of your own home via the world wide web.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Minimizing Dust Mites in the Bedroom

In addition to using Barefoot Secret Air Purifier, here are a few tips from this Mayo Clinic Article...

Dust mites. They are too tiny to see - but they are abundant even in the best-kept homes. These tiny critters cause no harm, unless you're allergic to them.

If you're allergic, you can take steps to minimize your exposure. Your bedroom, where you spend about one-third of your time, is a good place to start. (Consider that a double bed alone may contain two million dust mites!)

The April issue of Mayo Clinic Women's Health Source offers tips to minimize dust-mite exposure in the bedroom:

* Wash bedding at least every two weeks in hot water.

* Use allergy-proof encasements for mattresses and pillows.

* Clean the frame of your bed thoroughly with a damp cloth once a week.

* Use washable pillows filled with a synthetic material. Replace pillows every three years.

* Remove carpeting, if possible.

* Use non-upholstered furniture.

* Remove stuffed toys unless you wash them weekly. A sure way to keep stuffed toys free of dust mites' allergens is to place them in the freezer overnight, once a week, and then wipe them off or wash them, if possible, to remove the dead dust mites.

* Avoid brooms and dust mops, which can stir up dust. Use a damp cloth to clean.

Mayo Clinic Women's HealthSource is published monthly to help women enjoy healthier, more productive lives. Revenue from subscriptions is used to support medical research at Mayo Clinic. To subscribe, please call 800-876-8633, extension 9PK1.

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Go ahead and get close – with new Barefoot Secret Natural Deodorant in Herbal Fresh scent, you can do it with confidence. Its natural formula utilizes vegetable enzymes to provide odor neutralization so effective you can rely on it throughout the longest of days.

This Natural Deodorant has the best natural ingredients for fighting perspiration odor: vegetable enzymes, baking soda, essential oils, and an aromatic herbal-fresh scent. This convenient stick deodorant utilizes vegetable enzymes to help neutralize odor-causing bacteria, and essential oils and odor-absorbing baking soda to control perspiration odor.

Barefoot Secret Natural Deodorant:
Contains baking soda, which provides an additional odor absorbing capability.
Contains essential oils which deliver a light, fresh scent that will appeal to both men and women.
Glides on smoothly, without stickiness, and it won't leave behind messy residues or white flakes.
Provides strong odor protection, yet it's gentle on your skin – even after shaving.

The product contains no animal ingredients, required no animal testing, and uses no chemical anti-wetness agents or bactericides.

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Friday, January 14, 2005


According to National Geographic, there have been a significant number of reports documenting animals who seemed to sense the recent Asian tsunami before it hit.

For example, Sri Lanka's Yala National Park suffered many human casualties, but park managers said the wildlife suffered almost no casualties. "The elephants, wild boar, deer, monkeys and others had moved inland to avoid the killer waves." In Thailand, seemingly insane elephants broke their chains and fled inland before the waves hit.

Authorities in India reported that "the indigenous, stone-age tribes of the Andaman and Nicobar islands escaped the effects of the tsunami because they heeded warning signals from birds and animals."

A number of scientists have pointed out that this remarkable behavior should alert us to pay closer attention to a wide range of warnings from the animal kingdom, not only in regards to natural disasters, but also in relation to danger signs of the impact on animal and human health of environmental pollution, such as the recent outbreak of frog mutations, species extinctions, and drops in mammalian fertility.

Editors Note: This came from Organic Consumers newsletter. Isn't it amazing how much we can learn from watching the enviromnent around us. I have always felt that many animals can sense much more than we as humans do, in fact that is one of the reasons my husband and I have chosen Mules to trail ride with. It's very easy to sense their feelings and intuitions...hense we will know what we are about to encounter.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Help for Planters Wart

Written By: Kandy

Years ago, I got rid of a wart that had been on the middle bottom of my foot for a year or more by putting vitamin E on it and a bandage. It started falling apart and coming off in just 3 days and was gone within a week, never to return. I had done the same with a couple other warts, one on the palm of my hand and one on the back of my hand both of with I'd had for several years.

A cousin had painful warts on the bottom of his foot and after doing this at night before going to bed, could walk in it the next morning with no pain. The warts came off, but I can't remember how long it took.

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Disclaimer: The information in this Barefoot weblog has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Rather the statements made are what some folks have experienced personally