Friday, April 27, 2007

New Green Cleaners Featured on The Oprah Show

The response to The Oprah Show specials has been such a hit I've decided to set up a specail web page to make it simple to have access to the "Oprah Green Clean Special"

If you know anything about me, you know that I am passionate about health and a safe environment. Protecting the Earth isn't just about global warming it's about your family's health as well. The choices we make as consumers can make a positive impact.

~ The Oprah Winfrey Show ~
Green Cleaning 101 Special
On this year's special Green Clean Oprah show, Oprah featured Shakle*s Green Clean household cleaners. Oprah loved them so much that they quickly became one of her "FAVORITE THINGS" and she gave this Green Clean gift basket to her entire audience.

They offered some special discounts on the show, and I'm extending those to you.

Take at Look at our Green Clean Special Discounts

Whether you're a newcomer to our product line or already a member, you can take advantage of these specials. Just contact me via my live online assistance button on the right or give me a call at 888.272.6701. You'll receive the "Oprah" special price, we'll handle the details, and your Green Clean products will be shipped right to your door.

Not registered as a member yet? You can receive a free membership with your Green Clean order, now through May 20th.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Eco-Socialites Make Cleaning Green a Priority

Wow the buzz is out. I just read an article posted on the New York Times website.

THERE is nothing like the specter of a bathtub ring to mobilize even the most pedigreed homemaker. Sloan Barnett was counting on it when she invited some 40 friends to her five-story Georgian town house on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She meant to introduce them to her family-owned line of eco-friendly household cleansers, and to persuade them to do their part to save the planet.

Read the whole article

Learn more and Purchase a NEW GREEN CLEAN KIT

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Going Green Clean: Are you living in a Toxic Home?

What do Sheryl Crow, Matt Damon,Oprah and Me..Cindy McAsey a shaklee independent distributor have in common? We are all into green environmentally safe green cleaners.

Learn more about what you can do to keep your home and family away from chemicals at:

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Should you flush old medications?

Trash Meds Safely

What's the best plan for getting rid of old or leftover medicines? Answer this multiple-choice question to find out.

A. Keep them at home as a backup.
B. Give them to friends or family with similar conditions.
C. Flush them down the toilet.
D. Return them to a healthcare provider or pharmacy.

Returning leftover or old medicines to a doctor or pharmacy is your best bet for safely disposing of them. For years, some doctors advised flushing medicines, but we now know that's not good for the environment. Same goes for rinsing them down the drain. Eventually, those medicines may make their way into lakes, rivers, and even tap water. Unfortunately, about half of people dump their old meds in the toilet.

Pharmacies that accept old meds will incinerate them -- the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of them -- or treat them as medical waste. But because of state laws, not all pharmacies will accept old meds.

So what's the next best option? Don't just toss them in the trash. Contact your local waste-management company for guidance. They may have an incineration facility for medications, or they may treat certain meds as hazardous waste.

Think about it, if these medicines are so unsafe to dispose of what are they possibly doing to your body. Now I realize sometimes there isn't any options... but prevention is the key to life long health. It's amazing what the body can do to heal itself if given the right nutrients. A good place to start in Barefoot's Basic Foundation Package