Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Our Shaklee Healthy Cleanse Experience

I didn't know wether we really could live on raw veggies and low sugar fruit for 7 day's in a row. A couple of times we had to remind ourselves of the poor kids in Ethiopia and those wilderness reality shows we see on TV.  #barefootalk

In August after over a year of waiting for Shaklee to officially release their "Healthy Cleanse" program we finally had it in our hands. For years I've supported various "Cleanse/Detox" programs using Shaklee products, but it was never anything "official" released by Shaklee. So before I felt comfortable sharing it with others I decided we (my husband "Michael" and I) needed to experience it.

1st thing we did was print, laminate and hang the instructions on the refrigerator. Shaklee Healthy Cleanse Instructions To be honest it took a few weeks of talking and finding 7 day's when we didn't have some event happening that would make it hard to stick to the cleanse. We prepared for this week ahead of time ordering the Shaklee Healthy Cleanse Kit: It contains Alfalfa, Herblax, Liver DTX, and Optiflora pearls.

The day before the official start we went shopping together for a variety of fresh organic vegetables and low sugar fruits. The goal was to get enough for a few days, with plans to return to the store for more fresh veggies as needed. Living out on the farm we generally only go grocery shopping once a week.

It's really important to spend the time to wash cut up all your produce before you start. We followed the instructions eating raw vegetables and fruit to rest and purify our systems. For day 1 evening meal we lightly sauteed fresh vegetables in olive oil and seasoned with fresh herbs. Growing up on the farm we are used to meat and potatoes type of meals so it was a little tough eating just vegetables for supper.

Our daily consumption of nutrition during these 7 days was;

Breakfast, Shaklee Life Shake mixed with purified water adding frozen fruit and spinach. We also took the Shaklee vitamins we normally take along with the recommended cleanse supplements throughout the day.

Am and Pm Snacks:  Lots of Raw veggies and low sugar fruit (grazed pretty much all day)

Lunch: Kale and Spinach salad, topped with shredded beets, carrots, sweet peppers, tomatoes. Dressing was a mix of olive oil and red wine vinegar.

Supper: We started with sauteed vegetables only, but it was clear after the first day we needed to add more protein. Some of our evening meals consisted of..
Baked Tilapa recipe omitted the butter and used olive oil instead. Very Good!
Baked Eggplant  recipe omitted the cheese. Big mistake the dogs wouldn't even eat it.
Baked Sweet potato topped with Chili Lime Salsa
Steamed Broccoli and Shrimp topped with olive oil/red wine vinegar. Very Good!!
Chef Salad - with all fresh veggies topped with hard boiled eggs. (Eggs came from our chickens)
Baked Sweet Potato Chips recipe omitted the brown sugar. Yummy!! made these a couple of days.
Garlic Herb Mashed Cauliflower recipe omitted the butter used olive oil instead. Yuk!
Cabbage Soup recipe used fresh tomatoes and organic vegetable broth and no salt. Yes we went salt free for 7 days!! Looked good, smelled awesome, tasted OK..

As you get a few day's into the cleanse it's amazing how much better you digest your food, Thank goodness my husband is a foodie and willing to try new dishes. We spent quite a bit of time searching for recipes. I've posted links to most of them.

My husband, Michael lost 10 lbs getting him down to his goal weight. So when Shaklee say's one of the benefits is to jump start weight loss. Yep it sure does. I didn't notice weight loss necessarily but I did notice a flatter tummy and slimmer midsection.

After 7 days both of us noticed more restful sleep and clearer thinking. All our food cravings were gone and eating something not on the "healthy cleanse list" seemed more like a treat rather than a craving.

It wasn't until a few day's after the "healthy cleanse" I noticed my energy level increase. Looking back however I was exercising more than the recommended 30 min. of light daily exercise. To be honest during the cleanse I was more tired than usual, and have to admit it was kind of stressful keeping enough raw fresh vegetables and fruit in the house to keep us satisfied.

I wanted to recap my experience good and bad for you, so you can make an informed decision and know up front what you may or may not experience. Bottomline I do feel it's important to deep clean the inside of our body occasionally. When you think about 80% of what touches your skin you absorb, not to mention all the stuff you may eat not knowing exactly what additives or fillers may be added.

If you really think about it our digestive system could probably use a break and our liver a good flushing.  I truly believe if everyone would take the time to do the 7 day healthy cleanse and start on a basic supplement regime they will feel like a new person after 30 days. #barefootalk

Learn more about the Shaklee Prove It Challenge: http://proveit.mcaseys.com

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Love Yourself to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Video is located in the comment.. so funny!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

8 Steps to a Healthier Digestive System

Did you know that your 'poo' says a LOT about the health of your mind and body?
 The axis around which our digestive system operates is the command center for most of our bodily operations, including the absorption of nutrients, waste removal and the mind-body connection. 
An unhealthy gut can lead to an increase in allergies, auto-immune issues, and even anxiety. With our 'pill for every ill' mentality, many many people are dealing with an unhealthy gut and don't even realize it because they're confusing the symptoms with the root problem.
 Take care of your digestive system and your body will often have the proper tools and environment to correct itself.
 How do you do so?
1. reduce processed foods and alcohol
2. ensure that your gut is receiving active probiotic cultures regularly
3. check your poops for color and consistency daily
4. DRINK WATER; eliminate waste completely with fun tools like the Squatty Potty
5. increase your magnesium
6. avoid using artificial laxatives and all antiobiotics except in exceptional need
7. exercise daily
8. eat a clean(er) diet.

Cheat Sheet for the Chart Below:

Type 1-2: Associated with Constipation
Type 1: Stool is characterized by hard, separate lumps often difficult to excrete. If you have a pet rabbit perhaps you will understand this comparison.
Type 2: Very lumpy but otherwise formed stool.
Type 3-4: Normal
Type 3: Comparable to a sausage with slight cracks on the surface.
Type 4: The ideal poop; Described as soft, smooth and snake-like in appearance.
Type 5-7: Associated with Diarrhea
Type 5: Soft, separate and easily passed stool.
Type 6: Described as mushy stool with ragged edges attributed by excess liquid.
Type 7: Stool not containing any solids but instead is entirely liquid.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Are you Feeding or Fighting?


It's always a CHOICE
And...every time you read or think...you're feeding your mind with how to realize your personal power and greatness as an OWNER of your life!
Or....you are feeding it permission to be a continuing VICTIM of the circumstances you are temporarily allowing yourself to experience...for however long you are willing to continue to not actually interrupt it and begin to step into, and start really living, your life and the best version of you.
Pour health, and life, and hope, and vitality, and prosperity, and excellence into your life and THEN into others! 

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

10 Key Steps Shaklee takes to Ensure Shaklee Supplements are the Best in the Marketplace

1. Shaklee conducts over 100,000 tests annually to ensure the safety and efficacy of their products.

2. Each and every batch of Shaklee Products is tested to ensure the products meet their label claim.  We guarantee what is on the label is what is in the product - over the entire shelf life of the product.

3. All ingredients in Shaklee products are qualified under the incredibly stringent Shaklee protocol, unique in the industry, which for new botanical ingredients requires testing for up to 350 chemical contaminants, including pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, solvent residues, etc.

4. Shaklee Scientists create formulations so that the key active ingredients are included at scientifically supported levels, often significantly higher than many companies in the market.

5. Each product is formulated with nutritional ingredients that have been extensively studied to confirm safety and efficacy. Shaklee products do not follow "fads," but incorporate scientific and/or epidemiologic evidence of need and benefit.

6. Shaklee employs advanced delivery systems designed to dramatically improve the absorption of key nutrients - and these systems are tested in selected products to confirm their nutrient delivery advantages.

7. Shaklee has a robust raw material and supplier qualification program which request stringent testing of all raw materials, including comprehensive contaminant testing, which ensures they meet Shaklee's quality requirements.

8. Shaklee has an unwavering commitment to avoid the use of artificial flavors, sweeteners, and added preservatives. We use only non-genetically modified soy protein.

9. Shaklee developed many of the standards and protocols for manufacturing that are now referred to as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

10. Shaklee product performance is also demonstrated by:

  • Over 100 scientific publications, 90-plus in peer-reviewed journals
  • The Landmark Study, the only study of its kind, which showed that people who took Shaklee supplements over a period of 20 years had markedly better health than both single-multivitamin and non-users of supplements
  • Shaklee products powering athletes to win 188 medals
  • Shaklee products fueling world explorers, 7 of Time-Life's "Greatest Adventures of All Time," and NASA Shuttle astronauts with a special rehydration product (called Astro-Ade).

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Who want's to #LiveAmazing?

Are you a dancing with the stars fan? Or just like music? That would be me! So...  my #liveamazing goal is support a local start-up by joining and building strength/coordination at the same time.

What would #Live Amazing look like to you?