Friday, February 29, 2008

Can you Save Money on Gas?

I asked myself this question yesterday when I was filling up my Jeep. Wow do I live in a secluded world out here on the farm! I generally only fill need to fill up my gas tank about once a month. Not that my Jeep is that good on gas mileage... I just don't have a need to drive it much. Generally about once a week we go to town to eat out and get supplies that the UPS man can't deliver.

OK back to saving money on Gas... Probably the most obvious answer is to get another vehicle that either gets better gas mileage, or one of those new hybrid vehicles.. OR my answer is just not use a gas powered vehicle as much. Our ancestors before gas powered vehicles were invented were able to live and survive. Don't get me wrong I love technology and living in the era we live in. I wouldn't have the luxury of working from home if it weren't for today's technology.

I published an article this morning on the Barefoot MLM Training Tips and Tools Blog that closely relates to the gas dilemmia. Called "Good Times or Depression"

During the winter saving money on gas isn't too tough unless we have big snows that require gas in the tractor to clean the drive. Heaven forbid if the UPS truck couldn't deliver! I guess you could say my way of "saving money on gas" is using technology with a twist!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

For ‘EcoMoms,’ Saving Earth Begins at Home

The media is catching on to the green clean wave. This morning in the New York Times front page is and article that is so inline with what this blogs is all about I just had to post a link. CLICK HERE to read the New York Times Article.

Friday, February 08, 2008

NEW Green Cleaners: The REAL DIRT on House Cleaning

There is so much miss information out there about what is and what isn't safe for you and the environemnt. Our manufacturer has made available 4 very educational videos that I feel are very educational and a great addition this blog.

Part 1- The Real Dirt on Clean

Part 2- The Real Dirt on Clean

Part 3 .. safe, effective, green cleaners.

Part 4 Real Dirt on Clean

Saturday, February 02, 2008

10 Reasons to Love Barefoot's All Purpose Safe Cleaner

1. Stop living in a toxic home
Some of the most questionable chemicals used regularly
in household products are ammonia, chlorine bleach, phenol,
butyl cellosolve, and formaldehyde—all of which can be
found under your kitchen sink. All Purpose Safe Cleaner is nontoxic and safefor your family.

2. Everything and the kitchen sink
All Purpose H cleans it all from kitchens and bathrooms to
appliances, woodwork, mirrors, painted walls, and floors—
it even does windows. So, toss those single-purpose
cleaners like sink and tile cleaners. Mix ¼ teaspoon in 16 oz.
of water in a Green Clean spray bottle for all purpose cleaning,
and 2 drops in 16 oz. of water to clean windows.

3. Eliminate your ammonia-based window cleaner
All Purpose H cleans windows without streaking while being a great alternative to leading brands. All Purpose H window
cleaner is equivalent in performance to Windex® Original.

4. Removes the impossible
From lipstick on a linen napkin to crayons on a painted wall,full-strength All Purpose H comes to the rescue.

5. Great for cutting grease
Tough on greasy barbecue grills, ovens, and even oil spots
on concrete. Mix 2 oz. per gallon of water for a superdegreaser

6. Does odd jobs
One tablespoon of All Purpose H in a bucket of hot water lifts off
old wallpaper. One and a half teaspoons in a half gallon cleans
sticky paintbrushes. Just soak for 24 hours and rinse with
hot tap water.

7. Saves money
One 16 oz. bottle of All Purpose H2 diluted per label directions
makes 214 bottles (28 oz.) of ready-to-use all-purpose cleaner.

8. Camping and traveling companion
Take along a small size of All Purpose H to keep clothes, dishes,
and everything else clean. And you’ll help by keeping the
great outdoors unpolluted.

9. Easy on the planet
Biodegradable and environmentally friendly, All Purpose H handles
even hard-to-clean jobs without phosphates, borates, nitrates,
or other stuff the planet doesn’t appreciate.

10. Less in the landfill
All Purpose H is superconcentrated, so you’ll use fewer bottles
of cleaning products throughout the year.