Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Global warming featured on Oprah Today

Today Oprah will be featuring Global Warming 101 with Al Gore. As quoted from Oprah's website, "It's an urgent crisis we cannot ignore and YOU could be part of the problem. What is it? Find out before it's really too late! Simple changes you can make that will make a big difference. We'll show you what going "green" really means. A huge eye-opener--what Al Gore wants you to know right now! And why he says our future depends on it."

Did you know that Roger Barnett the owner of Shakl** the manufacturer of our products is featured at StopGlobalWarming.com site? Actually you can sign up to do a global march with him, me and many others.

As the website says, ""There is no more important cause than the call to action to save our planet. This is a movement about change, as individuals, as a country, and as a global community. We are all contributors to global warming and we all need to be part of the solution. Join the 539,093 supporters of the Stop Global Warming Virtual March, and become part of the movement to demand solutions to global warming now."

"The Stop Global Warming Virtual March is a non-political effort bringing Americans together to declare that global warming is here now and it?s time to act."

Roger Barnett
Location: CA - 94588
Marching Since: May 18, 2006

"I am joining this march because I believe that we each have a personal responsibility to do our part to make the world a better and safer place for our children and for future generations. As Chairman and CEO of Shak Corporation, I also believe that the business community has a responsibility to help achieve positive social change. Shakl** has taken a leadership role in the area of global warming, becoming the 1st company to be certified as having a net zero impact on climate change by the Climate Neutral? network. We continue to look for ways that we can reduce emissions and offset our C02 production, and have launched our biggest global environmental campaign "A Million Trees. A Million Dreams" to call attention to this issue. I believe that every action by every individual can make a difference, and that environmentally responsible companies can be part of the solution for people and the planet."

Top 10 Marchers
Laurie David (128,603)
David Whiteside (5,493)
Leonardo DiCaprio (5,185)
General Wesley Clark (4,394)
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (4,030)
Andy Stern (2,162)
Reverend William Sinkford (1,939)
Roger Barnett (1,520)
Gary Hirshberg (1,363)
Jon Fishman (917)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Monsanto Brings Small Family Dairy to Court

Oakhurst Dairy has been owned and operated by the same Maine family since 1921, and Monsanto recently attempted to put them out of business. Oakhurst, like many other dairy producers in the U.S., has been responding to consumer demand to provide milk free of rBGH, a synthetic hormone banned (for health reasons) in every industrialized country other than the U.S. Monsanto, the number one producer of the rBGH synthetic steroid, sued Oakhurst, claiming they should not have the right to inform their customers that their dairy products do not contain the Monsanto chemical. Given the intense pressure from the transnational corporation, Oakhurst was forced to settle out of court, leaving many other dairies vulnerable to similar attacks from Monsanto.

When I read this I knew people should be informed about what some of these large chemical corporations are doing. My question to you are you supporting a company like this? The Barefoot Secret Company had a situation a few years back when they couln't find a pure supply for their products with ginseng in them. Well guess what they stopped producing those products till they could get a pure raw product. None of their competiters batted an eye and just kept producing product.

We are about doing what is right even if it hurts the bottom line!

Buy Natural Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products from Barefoot Secret Company.. it's all about doing what is right!