Monday, December 29, 2008

The Happiness Effect - TIME

Here is an article well worth reading and thinking about. It seems obvious, but here is proof positive of our responsibility to ourselves and our fellow men/women learn and practice the art of happiness, regardless of circumstances. I think also this is why the positive, comited, enthusiastic and forward-looking business relationships are so attractive to us. Let me know what you think! Cindy McAsey Barefoot in the Garden,

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Educational Video: Contaminated Without Consent

Everyone should watch this video and be aware of your surroundings. How many chemicals are you exposed to everyday? How about your children? I feel I must do everything I can to educate the world about being contaminated without consent. I now suffer from the chemicals I was exposed to many years ago as a cosmetologist. I feel very fortunate to be educated and understand about making safer choices.

My mission is to help educate you, so you can too make better choices for you and your family.

Safe Natural Products for over 50 years can be found at:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What would you do with another 25 years?

Let the Good Times Roll...

A fast-paced, fun video of young celebrities trying our anti-aging tonic for the first time, and answering the question, "How Would You Like to Feel 25 Years Younger and Live 25 Years Longer?? (Doesn't everyone dream of feeling younger and living longer?)

Did you see something in this video that interested you?

#4 Rule for Happiness and Contentment

Happiness is an attribute of love; therefore, you can never be happy until you give your love to others. Let your emotion of love warm the heart of someone and see an ample supply of happiness reflected upon you. A selfish person may depend on gaining possessions to bring happiness, but soon will find that such possessions reflect only their own selfish thoughts.

Sow the Seeds of Happiness in Others, and You Will reap A Joyful Harvest.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Why did we choose the Green Cleaners we did?

This video explains so well why we choose the company we did to market products for.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Big News: Take Control and Protect your Cells

Even though you may doing everything possible to control the toxins in your environment. You now have options to do more to take control of your health.

Patent Pending Blend or our anti-aging tonic is based on the latest scientific studies and research. Learn More

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Take the toxins out of your life, then try this tonic!

How would you like to feel 25 years younger and live 25 years longer? My answer to this question is a restounding YES... this isn't the type of content I generally post on this blog, but thought if you are like me you might be interested in learning about it so here it is...

Introducing a REVOLUTIONARY BREAKTHROUGH in Cellular Anti-Aging.
Liquid Anti-Aging Tonic

NEW liquid vitamin

Wow... the impact of 3,000 glasses of red wine can you imagine... A 30 day supply of this anti-aging tonic delivers the equivalent amount of resveratrol found in 3,000 glasses of red wine, and the ingredients are 10 times more powerful in slowing a key mechanism of aging than resveratrol alone.

Just one of the ingredients in this anti-aging tonic alone has been referenced in over 2,000 research publications, including multiple studies conducted by Harvard University, at the National Institute on Aging, at the National Cancer Institute, and the National Institute of Environmental Science.

10 times more powerful... This anti-aging tonic ingredients are more powerful than resveratrol alone in slowing key mechanism of aging & AGE protein formation.

All Natural.. Patent Pending. Clinically Tested Key Ingredients. Exclusive to Shaklee Distributors, Members and Customers.

Shaklee Distributors and Members can learn the details now by going to and click on the MY STUDY PLAN tab. You will need your ID number to enter this site.

Not a member yet? check out for membership options.

Very soon our NEW REVOLUTIONARY BREAKTHROUGH in Cellular Anti-Aging. Liquid Anti-Aging Tonic will be available at

I personally can't wait to sip my way to youthville!
Cindy McAsey....Barefoot in the Garden-Cindy McAsey

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Goin Green: "Green Goes with Everything" New Book Release

Simple Steps to a Healthier Life and a Cleaner Planet
By Sloan Barnett

Imagine if your best friend gave you vital information that could
protect you and your family, and save you money, and help the
planet. Imagine if you were given clear, simple choices, small
changes that could have a big impact on your life. And you could
still wear leather shoes and deodorant. You'd listen, right?

Well, think of Today show contributor Sloan Barnett as that friend.
A mother of three, a dedicated consumer advocate, Sloan gives us a
fast, simple, down-to earth primer on the ways our homes are making
us sick, and what we can all do to transform them into the safe
sanctuaries we want and need them to be.

Sloan exposes the toxic truth behind the household products we use
every day
-- from laundry detergent to toothpaste to lipstick. She
explains how these and other seemingly benign stuff can harm us and
our children. She offers an array of alternatives, and inspires us
to see that we're never helpless: Every day, we have the power to
make better, smarter, safer choices.

Packed with common sense and sass, product picks and practical tips,
Green Goes With Everything is for everyone who wants to live a
healthier life. Look for this book in stores Sept. 23rd.

Take Action do something today to GO GREEN:

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Herbal Remedies for Pets

"Those of us who have pets will tell you that they are like members of the family. So, for those with furry family members - and some that may not be so furry - here are a few natural remedies for some common pet problems.

Ear Infections and Ear Mites - Apply garlic-mullein ear oil, 3-4 drops, twice daily. And because dogs and cats have especially long ear canals, make sure to massage the ears well to get the oil all the way down the canal.

Fleas - here are several natural remedies:
Herbal bedding - Dry mix dried peppermint, eucalyptus, bay leaf herbs, marjoram, eucalyptus, rosemary, sage, and clove buds. Crush the botanicals well and fill a muslin bag with herbs and put in the pet's bed or if your pet has a cedar filled pillow, just add the botanicals to the cedar chip mixture.

Herbal flea collars - dip a heavy string into a combination of essential oils containing eucalyptus, citronella and sage, let dry, then securely wind the string around your pets collar.

Natural flea and tick dip:
2 cups, packed, of fresh rosemary and/or peppermint
1 quart boiling water
4 quarts warm water
Pour the just boiled water over the fresh herbs and let steep, covered, for 30 minutes. Strain and add the liquid to 4 quarts of warm water, saturate the animal and let it air dry.

Herbal Flea Spray - spray your pet with an herbal mixture of: chamomile, valerian, licorice and witch hazel. Prepare an infusion using one tea bag of each herb, and when it's cold, mix with witch hazel.

Worms - prevention and removal
Garlic is a good preventive for parasites. Chop it into your pet's food (or use a powder form). Usually if given when your pet is young, they will develop a taste for it.
Adding a few drops of wormwood tincture or Black Walnut Tincture into the food or water bowl can remove parasites, too.

Dr. Janet Starr Hull

Buy Green Cleaning Products Online - Save

Monday, July 07, 2008


While consumers struggle to fuel their cars and put food on the table, oil companies (like ExxonMobil, BP and ConocoPhillips) and seed companies (like Monsanto, Cargill and ADM) are raking in record profits. In a fiery essay posted on the Common Dreams website and circulated widely on the internet, The Organic Consumers Association's National Director, Ronnie Cummins, shows how the food, climate and energy crisis are connected and how the time for positive change is now:

"Fortunately, there are hopeful signs that we can move beyond crisis to positive solutions. Connecting the dots in our food-climate-energy crisis, millions of green consumers are voting with their dollars for foods and products that are healthy, locally produced, energy efficient, and eco-friendly. A growing number of politicians, mainly at local and state levels, are also waking up. Organic food and farmers markets are booming. Chemical-free lawns and gardens, green buildings, solar panels, wind generators, "buy local" networks, and bike paths are sprouting. A critical mass of organic-minded Americans are waking up to the fact that we must green the economy, drastically reduce petroleum use and greenhouse gas pollution, and heal ourselves, before it's too late."
Read the full essay

At our house the garden is flourishing. I feel so blessed to live off the land (to a certain extent) and have our own fresh vegetables. Learn more about my and why I do what I do at

Buy Green Cleaning Products Online

Monday, June 23, 2008

What are you Children Being Exposed to?

A Home Schooling Mom's Journey of Discovery. Amy K. Jefferson, GA

"Being a concerned mother of nearly four, I do care about the wellness of my family and the toxins in my home. But this concern has taken different action over the past years. When I had my first baby, I gave cleaning products a great deal of thought and tried to make as many as I could using earth friendly ingredients and recipes I found online. Then, after the arrival of my second baby, I needed convenience and so I tried some of the green cleaners found at health food stores. They were expensive so at times I had to just use the chemicals that choke you from the cleaning aisles of grocery stores. And finally, after my third baby, I needed maximum convenience and minimum price. So I started to use Clorox wipes, among other things. (I have to be honest, even though I hate to admit it.)

Unfortunately, I was doing more harm than good. A friend of mine suggested I watch Toxic Brew, a news segment produced by a Canadian news station. After watching this video, the reality of what I was bringing into my home began to "dawn on me."
[Ed. Note: View Toxic Brew online at]

"Only a month or so later, I heard of the work of Dr. Doris Rapp, who researches the effects of harmful chemicals on children's health. (You can find her books, including Is This Your Child's World? at or

In one of her studies, she tested the effect of bleach on six-year-olds handwriting. I looked at the printed results, and was amazed at the evidence. Before a bottle of bleach was opened, students wrote their names fairly well. Then, with just an opened bottle of bleach in the room and the fumes wafting through the air, the children wrote their names dramatically different. Some wrote messy, some too small to read, and one even wrote backwards.

Being the devil's advocate that I am, I thought: Well, "they just printed up the worst case scenarios. Certainly it wouldn't affect my kids this way." So, I determined to do the same test at home. I didn't tell my kids what I was doing. I only told them to write as neatly as they could. They printed their names on a sheet of paper. Then, I told them to hold up their papers while I wiped the table off with a Clorox wipe. As soon as it was dry enough, I had them put their papers down and write their names again. I was shocked!

My daughter's writing was visibly messier; instead of letters being tight and connected, they were loopy and crooked. My son was completely distracted by something while he was writing his name! (This is uncharacteristic of him. He has no attention difficulties.) When he realized that he was talking about something else, he stopped mid-sentence and said:"Wait, I'm supposed to be writing my name!" The next letter he wrote was upside-down (which my son had never done before). I took it to the next level and had my children move to another room where there were no Clorox fumes. They wrote their names again and proved that without being "under the influence" they could write just as neat as the first time. I could clearly see that the chemicals were affecting both writing ability and focus.

My children are home-schooled and we do chores every morning before school starts. Since they have direct exposure to cleaners, I was burdened by thoughts of how the cleaning chemicals were affecting them in other ways. To make a long story shorter, I promised myself from that time on that I would not subject my children's minds to danger again, not to mention their lungs and skin.

And I am very pleased with the alternatives that Shaklee Distributors offer! The Green Clean products are very powerful, environmentally friendly, cost-effective cleaning products that contain no toxic chemicals and no dangerous fumes! What more was I looking for? I have totally clean, residue-free dishes; totally clean, irritation-free clothes; and totally clean, fume-free chore time! I LOVE IT and I want to spread the word so that every mom can give her children the priceless gift of a toxin-free home."

Shaklee Distributors Green Clean line offers fantastic alternatives to everything you use to clean your home. And now the Green Clean Starter Kit has added Germ Off Wipes to the kit, which is an excellent alternative to Clorox Wipes.

A message from...
Cindy McAsey-Mom with 2 kids, a husband and a farm full of animals

Monday, June 16, 2008

Treating Foot Fungus

As I was working through my customer thank you's today I ran upon a question about our germicide product. I thought I would share my answer with you...

"Can you help with the amount of your G product to water for foot fungus?"

I don't know if there is a "right" amount of mixture, but I can share with you what we used at our house when the boy's struggled with athlete's foot. I just mixed up 1 teaspoon per 16 oz. of water. We just used a spray bottle and they would squirt their feet when they came out of the shower.

The amount that is right for you Dad may be a little less or more depending on his foot sensivity or the severity of the fungus. It's best to do a little testing and adjust the amount that works for him. I heard people who soaked their feet in a solution, but my boy's never would take the time to do that. If soaking I would definitely have him wash his feet thoroughly after a soak.

We also have used a this (1t. to 16oz water) mixture of G to rid our dog of a skin like fungus. What we would do is wash them in all purpose H and then spray on the g mixture and let it set for 3 to 5 minutes then thoroughly rinse and re-wash with all purpose H to make sure to get any residue off.

Creating Healthier Lives,
Barefoot in the Garden

P. S. This statement has not not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or any official authority...
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Rather the statements made are what some folks have experienced personally.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Goin Green Clean - Have you seen my Green Clothes Dryer?

With all the hype about green, companies going green, cars that are environmently friendly and fuel efficient... does anyone think about how our ancestors took care of daily tasks.

I remember going to my grandma's house and watching and "helping" her with her daily routine. She had a HUGE garden (imagine that) and most of the food they consumed came from the garden. She canned all sumer long (or at least it seemed to me she did). Her basement was lined with shelves full of home canned fruits and veggies.

The other 2 items in my grandma's basement were a washer and a clothes line. Grandmas just used the indoor clothes line during really nasty snow storms. The remainder of the year (like 359 days out of the year) the clothes were dried on what we today would call a GREEN clothes dryer.

Now my grandma was very picky about wrinkles.. she would put pants in a form that hung out on the line so when they were dry they looked like they had been ironed. In KS we didn't have to worry about stiff clothes very often either. Whipping in the KS wind made the towels soft as a baby's behind.

Now don't get me wrong I love the technology we have available to us today, but on our farm in KS there are some traditions I just won't let go of. I love my clothes line! There is nothing better than sleeping on freshly dried sheets in the breezy Kansas wind.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Simple Goin Green Strategy

I'm sure by now the goin green movement and flashed across you in some way or another. I even noticed on my weekly trip to town that the local discount store had green t-shirts!

In the next two minutes you are going to learn a very simple goin green strategy that you can say hey.... "I'm goin green too" if you follow through and do it that is. Watch as Sloan Barnett and BGTV's Kevin Contreras share this simple strategy.

There you have it. This is a very simple change you can do to make a difference.

Learn more about our green clean products at http;//

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Goin Green - Ridin the Wave

Green Clean has been seen by close to 150 million people, and has been recommended by cultural giants like Oprah and Rachael Ray, as well as best-selling authors from David Bach to Colin Cowie. You may have seen us in hundreds of places including magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens, TIME, Real Simple, Family Circle and FAST COMPANY or on news programs like “TODAY”, “CBS 2 Chicago” and “KTLA FOX Los Angeles.” In fact, according to Nielsen Buzzmetrics, 

 is one of the most popular brands currently discussed in connection with sustainability!

Just through the sale of All Purpose H alone, we’ve eliminated 3 billion bottles of conventional 26-ounce window cleaner -- if placed end-to-end, these bottles would wrap around the earth more than 19 times!

Time Magazine says Oprah had this to say about All Purpose H (11/20/07)
"I really love the All Purpose H Organic Cleaning Concentrate. And the reason why I love the H is because you just use a drop, just a little drop and it cleans like what you would normally be using a half a bottle of stuff for. So it sounds expensive, but it's concentrated and saves the environment."

Rachael Ray: Lara Spencer’s “The Dish” (3/28/08)
"These products are called Green Clean and the reason why we love them is because they provide the best combination of really great cleaning power but also they’re non-toxic, they are economic, and they are safe for you, your home, and most importantly, the planet…so we just ask that you consider giving Shaklee a try - for me, for Rach."

New York Times Magazine (3/16/08)
"So 'our company' eco-friendly 'Scrub-out' Heavy-Duty Paste is tempting: it promises to disappear oven drippings and not 'burn off your nose hairs in the process.' That works for me."

InStyle (March 2008)
"They can’t leap buildings in a single bound, but these non-toxic 'our company' products are super-powerful when it comes to fighting grime."

Domino (March 2008)
"'our company' did the best job (by far) on our stain test. It uses enzymes, not phosphates or solvents, to power out grime, and the formula is so concentrated, it replaces three bottles of mere mortal varieties."

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Oprah Show Educates about Toxic Cleaners

This is a very educational video segment of Oprah's Earth Day Show.
Green Cleaners, Safe for you safe for your family, and the world we live in.
Shaklee Distributor-Buy Online SAVE!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

50 Simple Ways to Save the Earth and Get Rich Trying

Go Green - Live Rich a new book to be released April 8th is sure to shake some trees and give an eye opening inspiration to many searching for the next big financial wave to riches.

Most people think that "going green" is an expensive choice they can't afford. Who better than America's Money Coach, David Bach, to tell you that you can have both a life in line with your green values and a million dollars in the bank? From driving the right car to making your home energy smart, David Bach offers ways to improve the environment, spend less, save more, earn more and pay fewer taxes. Best of all, he shows you exactly how to take advantage of the "green wave" in personal finance without the difficult work of evaluating individual stocks

David Bach- also wrote a book titled "Start Late - Finish Rich" in which he recommends Direct Selling as one of your options. He has a CD with the same title available from Networking Times Magazine. It's very good.

Let David Bach show you a whole new way to prosper—by going green

Internationally renowned financial expert and bestselling author David Bach has always urged readers to put their financial lives in line with their values. But what if your values are a cleaner and greener earth? Most people think that “going green” is an expensive choice they can’t afford. Bach is here to say that you can have both: a life in line with your green values and a million dollars in the bank.

On the same green clean note, I just heard Vice President Chaney's office called to ask that the VP's home be converted to our Green Clean Products. Then Roger (company CEO) read them an email on his phone from the White House asking that it too be converted to GREEN Clean too! How 'bout that! The word from Roger and Oprah is getting out there--Remember, Roger has a big Goal for Shaklee Corporation to be
the First Corporation to win the Nobel Peace Prize!!

Want to check us out? Take a Look at or give me a call Cindy McAsey 888-272-6701

Go Green Clean Retire Early Links

Friday, March 14, 2008

100% Guaranteed Powerful Green Clean

Here is a great testimonial to the cleaning power of our New Green Cleaning Products. I thought I would share..

Cindy,Thank you for your concern.
Yes, I got my order and I have never found a product like yours anywhere. It cleans my windows without streaking, which no other product that I have tried has done. Even Windex isn't streakless like they claim......I have used this product on everything proving it, and it hasn't failed me. I even cleaned my storm door while the sun was shining on it, and it never looked cleaner. I am very satified with it. Thanks to my daughter, who give me some of hers to try, I am a customer for sure.
Joann Stephens

If you knew there was something better on the market than what you are currently using, it had 100% money back guarantee, AND it was safeer for you, your family and the earth.... wouldn't you want to try it? Oprah did.. and named these new green cleaners one of her favorites!

Check us our NEW GREEN CLEANERS at

Friday, March 07, 2008

Spring Cleaning... Can it make you Sick?

Are you the type of person that likes to deep clean your house reaching every little nook and crany in the spring? This year before you start spring cleaning take the time to educate yourself about the toxins in most household cleaners. I recorded this short 3 minute video that will help you make a more informed choices to keep you and your family safe.

Learn more about the hidden toxins in your home.

Stay well and have a squeeky clean home!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Can you Save Money on Gas?

I asked myself this question yesterday when I was filling up my Jeep. Wow do I live in a secluded world out here on the farm! I generally only fill need to fill up my gas tank about once a month. Not that my Jeep is that good on gas mileage... I just don't have a need to drive it much. Generally about once a week we go to town to eat out and get supplies that the UPS man can't deliver.

OK back to saving money on Gas... Probably the most obvious answer is to get another vehicle that either gets better gas mileage, or one of those new hybrid vehicles.. OR my answer is just not use a gas powered vehicle as much. Our ancestors before gas powered vehicles were invented were able to live and survive. Don't get me wrong I love technology and living in the era we live in. I wouldn't have the luxury of working from home if it weren't for today's technology.

I published an article this morning on the Barefoot MLM Training Tips and Tools Blog that closely relates to the gas dilemmia. Called "Good Times or Depression"

During the winter saving money on gas isn't too tough unless we have big snows that require gas in the tractor to clean the drive. Heaven forbid if the UPS truck couldn't deliver! I guess you could say my way of "saving money on gas" is using technology with a twist!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

For ‘EcoMoms,’ Saving Earth Begins at Home

The media is catching on to the green clean wave. This morning in the New York Times front page is and article that is so inline with what this blogs is all about I just had to post a link. CLICK HERE to read the New York Times Article.

Friday, February 08, 2008

NEW Green Cleaners: The REAL DIRT on House Cleaning

There is so much miss information out there about what is and what isn't safe for you and the environemnt. Our manufacturer has made available 4 very educational videos that I feel are very educational and a great addition this blog.

Part 1- The Real Dirt on Clean

Part 2- The Real Dirt on Clean

Part 3 .. safe, effective, green cleaners.

Part 4 Real Dirt on Clean

Saturday, February 02, 2008

10 Reasons to Love Barefoot's All Purpose Safe Cleaner

1. Stop living in a toxic home
Some of the most questionable chemicals used regularly
in household products are ammonia, chlorine bleach, phenol,
butyl cellosolve, and formaldehyde—all of which can be
found under your kitchen sink. All Purpose Safe Cleaner is nontoxic and safefor your family.

2. Everything and the kitchen sink
All Purpose H cleans it all from kitchens and bathrooms to
appliances, woodwork, mirrors, painted walls, and floors—
it even does windows. So, toss those single-purpose
cleaners like sink and tile cleaners. Mix ¼ teaspoon in 16 oz.
of water in a Green Clean spray bottle for all purpose cleaning,
and 2 drops in 16 oz. of water to clean windows.

3. Eliminate your ammonia-based window cleaner
All Purpose H cleans windows without streaking while being a great alternative to leading brands. All Purpose H window
cleaner is equivalent in performance to Windex® Original.

4. Removes the impossible
From lipstick on a linen napkin to crayons on a painted wall,full-strength All Purpose H comes to the rescue.

5. Great for cutting grease
Tough on greasy barbecue grills, ovens, and even oil spots
on concrete. Mix 2 oz. per gallon of water for a superdegreaser

6. Does odd jobs
One tablespoon of All Purpose H in a bucket of hot water lifts off
old wallpaper. One and a half teaspoons in a half gallon cleans
sticky paintbrushes. Just soak for 24 hours and rinse with
hot tap water.

7. Saves money
One 16 oz. bottle of All Purpose H2 diluted per label directions
makes 214 bottles (28 oz.) of ready-to-use all-purpose cleaner.

8. Camping and traveling companion
Take along a small size of All Purpose H to keep clothes, dishes,
and everything else clean. And you’ll help by keeping the
great outdoors unpolluted.

9. Easy on the planet
Biodegradable and environmentally friendly, All Purpose H handles
even hard-to-clean jobs without phosphates, borates, nitrates,
or other stuff the planet doesn’t appreciate.

10. Less in the landfill
All Purpose H is superconcentrated, so you’ll use fewer bottles
of cleaning products throughout the year.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Green Cleaning Products: Cleaning Glass Top Stoves

Over Christmas we purchased a new Glass Top (smooth top) stove. It has a black shiny glass top with a lighter grey area marking where the burners are. For most spillovers we use the all purpose H mixture for degreaser. For the really nasty stuck on ones we use the crushed cherry pit cleaner. It works like a charm! There are no scratches on the surface or anything. Just slick shiny black glass.

These products are all part of Oprah's favorites for 2007. Actually our company has a "Special Edition" special going on from no till the end of the month. You can get this kit for $89.60 (it normally sells for over $100) This is a huge value of green cleaners. If you were to purchase in a store that much cleaning power it would cost you over $3400. Now that is value!

Take a look at the Oprah Special:

I've got a couple of other posts about our amazing product I call the crushed cherry pit cleaner that explains why I call it that. It works for cleaning glass fire place doors too. Takes the soot and black stuff right off.