Monday, December 27, 2010

Looking Green for 2011 the Vehicle that could steal your Heart.

Looking towards the new year I've decided it's time to start focusing on finding a better fuel efficient vehicle. I hadn't really looked into hybrids, living on a farm I always felt I needed a vehicle with power enough to be suitable for hauling supplies. My current vehicle is a 4WD Jeep Liberty even though it's not a "big" vehicle the back seats lay down and it can hold a substantial amount of feed and supplies.

I discovered this site on how Hybrid Vehicles Work: I was amazed how many of the vehicles had better fuel mileage in the city than on the highway. Most of my drive time is on the highway so I should weigh my options before purchasing.

One of the benefits of a Shaklee Distributor is qualifying for a new vehicle paid for by Shaklee and since they offer more money for hybrids it just makes sense to shop Hybrid.

Here is the run down on what Shaklee Pays it's distributors for car payments

After a quick search on google. I found one of the top rated SUV Hybrids was the new Ford Escape. I remember looking at them when I purchased my Jeep, back then they just didn't seem as durable as the Jeep. You may know I'm a complete techie at heart and I just can't help but be drawn to Ford's "sync" technology. Even more amazing is Active Park Assist technology available on 2010 Ford Escape. Take a quick look..

How cool is this!!!

I've gotta say I'm close to being hooked and I haven't even kicked the tires yet.