Saturday, January 15, 2005

Minimizing Dust Mites in the Bedroom

In addition to using Barefoot Secret Air Purifier, here are a few tips from this Mayo Clinic Article...

Dust mites. They are too tiny to see - but they are abundant even in the best-kept homes. These tiny critters cause no harm, unless you're allergic to them.

If you're allergic, you can take steps to minimize your exposure. Your bedroom, where you spend about one-third of your time, is a good place to start. (Consider that a double bed alone may contain two million dust mites!)

The April issue of Mayo Clinic Women's Health Source offers tips to minimize dust-mite exposure in the bedroom:

* Wash bedding at least every two weeks in hot water.

* Use allergy-proof encasements for mattresses and pillows.

* Clean the frame of your bed thoroughly with a damp cloth once a week.

* Use washable pillows filled with a synthetic material. Replace pillows every three years.

* Remove carpeting, if possible.

* Use non-upholstered furniture.

* Remove stuffed toys unless you wash them weekly. A sure way to keep stuffed toys free of dust mites' allergens is to place them in the freezer overnight, once a week, and then wipe them off or wash them, if possible, to remove the dead dust mites.

* Avoid brooms and dust mops, which can stir up dust. Use a damp cloth to clean.

Mayo Clinic Women's HealthSource is published monthly to help women enjoy healthier, more productive lives. Revenue from subscriptions is used to support medical research at Mayo Clinic. To subscribe, please call 800-876-8633, extension 9PK1.

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