Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Did you see the Natural Weed Killer Post?

I just wanted to share with you that I used the recipe for the natural weed killer a couple of days ago.

Here is what I found...

The grass the is thriving... the weeds aren't, but they aren't dead either. I know that our secret household cleaner works as a soil conditioner and makes water wetter. (I feel that's why it is such an effective safe cleaner).

So I assume the active ingredient is the vinegar.... knowing that water or our secret household cleaner won't kill weeds... it just might help it asorb into the ground.

Here is the natural weed killer recipe.

1/2 cup vinegar
1 Tablespoon secret household cleaner
1 Gallon water

Pretty simple isn't it if you have one of those hose end ortho sprayers it is very easy to mix and spray it on with a hose.

I havc good reason NOT to use chemicals on my grass to kill the weeds. I use guines as my natural bug control and being the senstive creatures they are I sure wouldn't want to harm them.

Also I'm highly sensitive to any strong chemical or perfume smell, and don't care to fight off a sinus attack for the next week!

Pretty good reason isn't it.... to have healthy safe bug control and a healthy body or dead guines no bug control and fight a sinus attack and not feel good for a week..

By the way I do have a secret formula I use to get over those sinus attacks with out using drugs. send me an email at: if you want the details to my secret formula for sinus attacks..

So to sum this up... I will continue to use the natural weed killer recipe with the assumption that the thriving grass will over take the weeds in time.

I assume you could compare it to drugs vs natural vitamin supplements.

Drugs work fast and have side effects....
Natural Vitamin Supplements work slower and have side benefits.

I would rather take the natural approach ... wouldn't you?

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