Thursday, May 19, 2005

Spring Cleaning for Your Body

Spring Cleaning isn’t just for houses. A good spring cleanse for the body will rejuvenate you physically, just as spring cleaning in the house lifts your spirits and clears your environment. Try this detoxifying bath to help your body dispose of toxins and soothe the skin. Start with a dry brushing of your skin. Use a natural loofah to rub your dry body, always in the direction towards the heart. Then enter a warm bath which has ½ pound of sea salt and one pound of baking soda added to it. Soak for at least 15 minutes. End with a vigorous toweling off and a light moisturizer such as Barefoot Secret's Moisture Lotion.

Dry Brushing
The skinny on skin brushing
Dry brushing is a great way to improve circulation, enhance the immune system, and revitalize the nervous system. It’s a great (and really cheap) treatment for cellulite and fluid-retention, lagging energy levels, and sore muscles. It will get rid of dead skin cells and allow your skin to breathe more efficiently, helping your body function more efficiently.

Start with a dry body brush or mitt made of natural fibres (such as loofah, jute or hemp) – these can be found in just about any natural grocery store or large drugstore.

Start at the bottom (the soles of your feet) and work upwards with a gentle, circular massage always in the direction of the heart. Be sure to pay close attention to the rougher parts – the elbows and knees and feet – and always work towards the center of your body. Finish off with a shower or bath and enjoy the multitude of benefits your body will receive from incorporating this small self-care act into your daily routine.

Body brushes should be shaken out after each brushing session and washed with warm water and a gentle soap about once a week or so.

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