Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Safest most effective Mosquito Repellent ever...

Here is a testimony from another "Barefoot Secret" distributor about our wonderful All Purpose H as a safe effective mosquito repellent.

Basic-H as mosquito repellent
By: Brenda Kurz

I have a customer that owns a resturant on a lake. There is a deck
over the lake that is used in the summer. She puts small spray
bottles of full strenght Basic H out on the tables for the customers
to use to provent mosquito bits. It works like a charm. She even
did a test with one of her waitresses. The waitress used off and
Linda used Basic H. Long story short, Basic H won.

I can attest to the fact that our all purpose H works great as a bug repellent too. At our house we keep a 16oz spray bottle filled with 1/3 Basic H, 1/3 white vinegar, !/3 water. We use this on all of our animals and on our selves to keep the bugs away. This mixture also works great to keep itching down if you have already been biten.

This is another story in itself... we just got a new puppy over Memorial day weekend. What a joy she is... she was 6 weeks old yesterday. We have started obedience and crate training her, but I thought it would be nice to turn her loose in a large puppy pen for a couple of hours. Well this puppy pen hadn't been used for awhile and happened to have posion ivy growing in it.

Yep... you guessed it she must have rollled in it the whole time she was out there. Long story short... I've got a posion ivy rash all over the inside of my arms, under my chin, and a little on the tops of my legs. This is not something that is new to me... I've had it before and will probably get it again considering we live in rural america. Our wonderful spray mixture (see above) works great to stop the itch temporarly.

Ok... since I'm on the subject here is what I do for my bouts with posion ivy. As soon as I realize I've got it,
I bath with basic H.
Then I rub all affected areas with calming complex and let dry.
Then I apply mineral masque and leave the area alone! ! ! !

I have learned to be mentally tough when I get posion ivy, because I guess you could say I'm vain and don't want my skin to scar...
As soon as the rash has healed to the point of not itching anymore I apply Enfuselle C&E repair cream after bathing.

This weblog actually ended up being 2 testimony's, but the both involve our barefoot secret all purpose H. If you haven't tried this stuff yet I suggest you give it a try. It's very cost effective way to keep your home chemical free.

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