Thursday, July 21, 2005

All Purpose H uses you might not know about


A note to add to this because I know there are a lot of new people in Barefoot Secret Biz today that when they read this, might wonder HOW this stuff is possible with All Purpose H. I know when I was brand new, I had a hard time understanding how.

All Purpose H is 100% non-toxic and it makes water appx. 300 times wetter. When used as a soil conditioner on plants, lawns, and crops, All Purpose H helps plants grow because water goes deeper and stays in the soil longer, and water transports nutrients from the soil to the plant roots. More water + more nutrients = stronger, healthier plants. Back in the 1980's, studies showed nearly 1 ton more potatoes per acre with crops treated with All Purpose H for example. If you want to test it, just try it on a portion of your lawn and compare treated vs. untreated after a couple of weeks or so. You will see the difference.

When it comes to insects--- they do not like All Purpose H! If you ever got any All Purpose H in your tongue, you probablly didn't like it either. Flies especially seem to hate All Purpose H and it is about the best fly spray I've ever used on myself, or on my pets. I have had farners use it with great success on horses, dairy cows, etc. It's terrific! They usually will purchase All Purpose H in the 5 gal bucket, or 30 gal drum.

When it comes to ants, earwigs, beetles, and the like--- Basic H and water kills by drowning the insects. All Purpose H allows the water to penetrate the protective outside coating of the insect and they drown.

I know you will see different ratio mixtures sometimes for using All Puropse H and that's because people often come up with their own formulas. For general lawn and garden use--- 1 oz. All Purpose H per gallon of water is the norm. For fly spray-- 1 part All Purpose H to 1 part water and 1 pare white vinegar is the way we use it of course, can be made stronger or weaker if needed.

And I can not ever leave this one out when talking about All Purpose H--- it is the best thing you will find for putting on burns. All Purpose H is Rod Larkins #1 burn treatment.

All Purpose H for Gardens, Nurseries, Barns, Greenhouses, Crops, Yards, Trees

If you live in areas with the deer flies .. you will be very interested in how All Purpose H saved this poor dog's ears... as well as the owners...

All Purpose H Testimony:

I was just thinking about how hot it is for our German shepherd/malamute mix and remembered to check her ears (when it gets hot the biting flies are fierce for her).

I notice that she doesn't have any flies around her....that's good but odd I thought, they bite us every time we get out of the pool! Her ears are almost completely healed!

Then I remembered, just before we went on vacation (June 20th), I sprayed her with my mixture of laundry pre-spotter of All Purpose H and saw flies FALL off of her body....that was scary....but then I remembered this stuff is non-toxic so I shouldn't worry.

I left some out for my parents to take care of her with while we were gone on vacation (week of June 27th). My dad sprayed our dog, doghouse and her pen while we were gone.

I also noticed she doesn't roll like a mad dog around the yard trying to get All Purpose H off of her fur. With bitter apple, baby oil and bag balm she would become a rolling, flailing dog for at least a good 10-15 minutes trying to get it off. With All Purpose H I cover her eyes, spray her body and get some on my hand to put some on her head and then when I let her go she will go lay down and she might rub her head once on the ground. With all of the other stuff it didn't matter how long I tried to distract her she was doing a full body roll all over the yard.

I use 1 cup of All Purpose H and 3/4 cup of water to put in my spray bottle and use as a laundry pre-spotter. I haven't encountered a stain I couldn't get out with this mixture....... and now it's a really good fly repellant/killer.

Thanks Barefoot Secret Biz!

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