Thursday, March 23, 2006

Indoor Toxins that affect your health!

The average home today contains more chemicals than were found in a typical chemistry lab at the turn of the century, much of it stored under kitchen and bathroom sink's from bug sprays to detergents to oven cleaners. Most
poisonings happen over a long period of time by daily exposure to toxins that enter
the body through mouth or skin, and significantly, through breathing air
loaded with chemical out-gassing.
In a study conducted over a 15-year period, women who worked at home had a
54 percent higher death rate from cancer than women who worked away from
home. The reason? Daily exposure to hazardous chemicals in ordinary household

What are just some of the toxins the EPA and other researchers found in inside air?
Benzene from paint, new carpet, new drapes and upholstery
Ammonia in tobacco smoke and cleaning supplies
Chloroform from paint, new carpet, new drapes and upholstery
Formaldehyde from tobacco smoke, plywood, cabinets, furniture,
particleboard, office dividers, new carpet, new drapes, wallpaper, etc.
Sulphur dioxide, cyanide, and carbon monoxide from tobacco smoke
Trichlorethylene from paints, glues, furniture and wallpaper
Carbon tetrachloride from paints, new drapes, new carpet and cleaning supplies
Nitrogen dioxide from stoves, furnaces
Radon gas entering through foundations
Pollen from plants and trees
Mold spores from moisture and bacteria
Dust mites from dust and bacteria

Bacteria from all areas of the home Exposure to these chemicals resulted in:
headaches, memory loss, slow poisoning pulmonary irritation, fatigue,
drowsiness, eye, skin and nasal irritation, dizziness, depression, respiratory
irritation, gynecological problems, shortness of breath, cancer and bronchial

For the first time in history, it's safer to be in the wilderness than in your own home.


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