Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mercury Poisoning --- Getting Well Testimony

This was written by:
Deb, Grand Rapids, MI

Do your eyes glisten when you think about your life in your twenties? Most people remember with mischievous smiles. The emotion I get is dread. It wasn’t only that my body struggled to overcome 13 areas of sickness; it was the amount of energy the struggle took from my life.

Each area of sickness had its own complications. For example, because I had 37 food allergies, I spent innumerable hours on food preparation. It wasn’t just the time, either; it was the comfort factor. Before my strict diet, I didn’t realize how much I relied on familiar foods for comfort. Imagine a grown woman crying because of the type of food on her plate. Pitiful, isn’t it? Yet, it’s true. I had a choice to either avoid the foods or eat them and face days of recovery. This memory hasn’t left me yet. We were driving to Mass one early winter morning. I was reading scripture and chomping some nuts when my ears started to buzz and my senses slowed to a drone. My hands shook as the miselette thudded to the ground and my heart beat louder and sweat poured. “Russ, pull over now!” I gasped as I yanked off my coat and sweater. I needed cold air. My throat was swelling shut. Red faced, blotchy and very scared I rolled out of the car. Fear stole any sense of control I had. What could Russ do? I remember his big eyes staring at me as blackness closed in. Then the cold air snapped me back and we rushed home to the Benedryl. Now a new concern was added to my regiment, make sure I have an Epi-pen with me at all times. I tried to ignore the question, what happens when the Benedril and Epi-pen stop working?

Do you remember how it hurt when you accidentally broke open a scar on your knee? This is how endometriosis hurts as each of the hundreds of endometrial cells break open every monthly cycle. Add migraine, low blood sugar dizziness, severe muscle cramping and nerve cell pain and you’ll get a glimpse of how I felt 25 out of every 28 day cycle. Also add to the mix low thyroid, low progesterone, Crohn’s disease, Candida, Insomnia and Osteoporosis and you can see how I went from the energizer bunny to old mother hubbard very quickly. How many medications does it take to keep me teaching in the eighth grade classroom? How long do you think the medications will mask the symptoms?

The fact that my body was dying and all 9 of our kids died inside me (9 miscarriages) still hurts me today. I’ve never seen their smiles. I feared how many more smiles we’d miss. The MDs had no more answers for us, so we looked to wholistic health. I was diagnosed with mercury poisoning in 2000. I met Becky in my new doctor’s office. She had the same diagnosis one month earlier except my numbers were in the top 5% of the Great Lakes Region. Hers were lower. We helped each other find vitamins, diets and treatments. Regaining health became a full time job; I had to leave my teaching and leave my art studio creations. What else would I have to leave?

After three years I decided to stop all vitamins and therapies. My liver had been harmed, my numbers weren’t getting better and my hope for recovery was gone.

When my friend, Cindy, introduced me to Barefoot Secret Company, I was very skeptical; so was Russ.
How could they be different? In fact, I was down-right rude. It takes a lot to put hope back together. Finally, we understood this company had a lot to offer. But could it give me what I needed? We decided to try. We gave my body every chance we could and I began nearly every supplement they had. Becky decided to keep doing what we had been doing all along. She didn’t want to risk crushing her hopes again. I understood.

Three years later, I’m on no medications, the mercury is gone, the endo, osteoporosis, thyroid, hypoglycemia and liver problems are history. The Crohn’s, insomnia and Candida are under control. A full drawer of Barefoot Secret Products did for me what a whole pantry of other supplements couldn’t do.

When Becky called me a few months ago, I could barely recognize her voice through all the tears and depression. She used to be an accomplished accountant with a pleasant demeanor. Not anymore. Now she’s still sick, without work, and just got released from a mentally challenged ‘group home’. I am no more deserving of a healthy life than she is. The only difference in our treatment was my Barefoot Secret Products.

Now, my husband and I get to coach other people to great health. This company has helped restore hope in our future on Earth. Will we gain a living family? Now I have the energy to give live birth and to adopt. Barefoot Secret Company gives us wings.

Do you think we’re grateful for Doctor Shak and the people who helped us discover his work?

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