Thursday, February 08, 2007

Shaklee Scour Off for Cleaning Fireplace Windows

Who would think a natural product like crushed cherry pits would be such a powerful cleaner. I've always been told that the main ingredient in Scour Off Paste was crushed cherry pits. Now it doesn't say that on the label.. It just says natural abrasives.. but hey it even smells like cherries!

I've been using this special crushed cherry pit cleaner as I call it for many years. It will stand up to the BIG boy tough chemical heavy cleaners anyday.

Living on a farm in Kansas it gets pretty cold and during the winter we heat the main part of our home with a wood burning insert fire place with glass doors. Well you can imagine what the glass on those doors looks like after about 2 or 3 days of continuous use! My wonderful cherry pit cleaner takes on this task with ease.

What I do is first spray the windows with Barefoot's Basic H2 mixture just to loosen up the grime. That Basic H2 makes water wetter and can penetrate and loosen up about anything. I let that sit for a few minutes... then with a damp sponge I smear a little cherry pit cleaner on the windows and wipe clean. Sometimes I need to squirt a little more all purpose H on to activate and spread the paste, but it works like a charm everytime. The best part is NO HARSH CHEMICALS!

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