Sunday, July 22, 2007

Green Cleaners in Better Homes and Gardens

I was suprised to thumb through the August issue of Better Homes and Gardens and see some pictures of our green cleaners on page 86 & 87. This is the best example of somebody's cabinet with all kinds of cleaners --- some that other people are very familiar with --- also
has Shakle*.

There are several Shakle* items in the cabinets. This is the perfect example
we talk people how to Shakleeize their homes --- that everybody has
cleaners, but when you have Shakle* "Green Cleaners" all the way in the cleaners, you're going to have superior
green products, but guess what? You're also gonna earn money back from Shakle*
through bonuses, so this is a really good example to show that
there are other cleaners that do other things, but nobody pays you back for using
that, not like Shakle*. And we do have superior products and we are again listed and shown as being a real company and a real product along with other many others
advertise a lot.

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