Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How are you Kids doing in School?

Check out the following testimonial, its shocking what a serious and immediate effect chemicals we use everyday can have on our childrens' brain function.

Are Your cleaning products hindering your child's
academic performance?

Someone suggested we watch Toxic Brew, a news segment produced by a Canadian news station. (This can still be seen online at ) After watching this, the reality of what people were bringing into their home began to dawn on me. Only few months later, we heard about Dr. Doris Rapp, who researches the effects of harmful chemicals on children’s health. In one of her studies, she tested the effect of bleach on six-year-olds’ handwriting. I looked at the printed results, and was amazed at the evidence. Before a bottle of bleach was opened, students wrote their names fairly well. Then, with just an opened bottle of bleach in the room and the fumes wafting through the air, the children wrote their names dramatically different. Some wrote messy, some too small to read, and one even wrote backwards.

Doesn’t it make sense to investigate safer Products?

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