Friday, January 18, 2008

Green Cleaning Products: Cleaning Glass Top Stoves

Over Christmas we purchased a new Glass Top (smooth top) stove. It has a black shiny glass top with a lighter grey area marking where the burners are. For most spillovers we use the all purpose H mixture for degreaser. For the really nasty stuck on ones we use the crushed cherry pit cleaner. It works like a charm! There are no scratches on the surface or anything. Just slick shiny black glass.

These products are all part of Oprah's favorites for 2007. Actually our company has a "Special Edition" special going on from no till the end of the month. You can get this kit for $89.60 (it normally sells for over $100) This is a huge value of green cleaners. If you were to purchase in a store that much cleaning power it would cost you over $3400. Now that is value!

Take a look at the Oprah Special:

I've got a couple of other posts about our amazing product I call the crushed cherry pit cleaner that explains why I call it that. It works for cleaning glass fire place doors too. Takes the soot and black stuff right off.

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