Friday, February 29, 2008

Can you Save Money on Gas?

I asked myself this question yesterday when I was filling up my Jeep. Wow do I live in a secluded world out here on the farm! I generally only fill need to fill up my gas tank about once a month. Not that my Jeep is that good on gas mileage... I just don't have a need to drive it much. Generally about once a week we go to town to eat out and get supplies that the UPS man can't deliver.

OK back to saving money on Gas... Probably the most obvious answer is to get another vehicle that either gets better gas mileage, or one of those new hybrid vehicles.. OR my answer is just not use a gas powered vehicle as much. Our ancestors before gas powered vehicles were invented were able to live and survive. Don't get me wrong I love technology and living in the era we live in. I wouldn't have the luxury of working from home if it weren't for today's technology.

I published an article this morning on the Barefoot MLM Training Tips and Tools Blog that closely relates to the gas dilemmia. Called "Good Times or Depression"

During the winter saving money on gas isn't too tough unless we have big snows that require gas in the tractor to clean the drive. Heaven forbid if the UPS truck couldn't deliver! I guess you could say my way of "saving money on gas" is using technology with a twist!

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