Thursday, April 24, 2008

Goin Green - Ridin the Wave

Green Clean has been seen by close to 150 million people, and has been recommended by cultural giants like Oprah and Rachael Ray, as well as best-selling authors from David Bach to Colin Cowie. You may have seen us in hundreds of places including magazines such as Better Homes & Gardens, TIME, Real Simple, Family Circle and FAST COMPANY or on news programs like “TODAY”, “CBS 2 Chicago” and “KTLA FOX Los Angeles.” In fact, according to Nielsen Buzzmetrics, 

 is one of the most popular brands currently discussed in connection with sustainability!

Just through the sale of All Purpose H alone, we’ve eliminated 3 billion bottles of conventional 26-ounce window cleaner -- if placed end-to-end, these bottles would wrap around the earth more than 19 times!

Time Magazine says Oprah had this to say about All Purpose H (11/20/07)
"I really love the All Purpose H Organic Cleaning Concentrate. And the reason why I love the H is because you just use a drop, just a little drop and it cleans like what you would normally be using a half a bottle of stuff for. So it sounds expensive, but it's concentrated and saves the environment."

Rachael Ray: Lara Spencer’s “The Dish” (3/28/08)
"These products are called Green Clean and the reason why we love them is because they provide the best combination of really great cleaning power but also they’re non-toxic, they are economic, and they are safe for you, your home, and most importantly, the planet…so we just ask that you consider giving Shaklee a try - for me, for Rach."

New York Times Magazine (3/16/08)
"So 'our company' eco-friendly 'Scrub-out' Heavy-Duty Paste is tempting: it promises to disappear oven drippings and not 'burn off your nose hairs in the process.' That works for me."

InStyle (March 2008)
"They can’t leap buildings in a single bound, but these non-toxic 'our company' products are super-powerful when it comes to fighting grime."

Domino (March 2008)
"'our company' did the best job (by far) on our stain test. It uses enzymes, not phosphates or solvents, to power out grime, and the formula is so concentrated, it replaces three bottles of mere mortal varieties."

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Anonymous said...

Oprah is absolutely right. Just one little drop of All Purpose H. I've had to clean houses after renovations and I swear by the stuff.