Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Day 2009: Shaklee Plants One Million Trees!

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Shaklee Chairman & CEO Roger Barnett, the Honorable Arnold Scharzenegger, Governor of the State of California and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai pitched in to plant the millionth tree in Shaklee's Million Trees. Million Dreams. campaign!

Hundreds of Shaklee Distributors from California and surrounding states, along with local dignitaries, environmental leaders, and eco-entrepreneurs, witnessed and celebrated this milestone event.

Gov. Schwarzenegger praised the efforts of the Shaklee Family, "It is wonderful that you have taken on the leadership here in planting this million trees and continue inspiring so many people," acknowledging the incredible accomplishment of having planted enough trees to "fill up Disneyland 18 times!"  In addition to his familiarity with the quality of Shaklee nutritional supplements from his days as a professional body builder, Gov. Schwarzenegger expressed that "Shaklee is about inspiring others," uniting people in a common cause. He mused, "How many schools had to participate, how many neighborhoods had to participate, groups and individuals, parks? It's great when people come together."

Dr. Maathai congratulated the Shaklee Family on the success of this campaign, and the power of Social Marketing to make a difference:

"Shaklee led the way in achieving carbon neutrality in 2000 and has mobilized its networks to plant a million trees for the planet, which is not only a great achievement, but an inspiration to all of us."

In addition to the historic millionth tree, 11 more trees were planted by Shaklee employees and Distributors, as well as 32 plants in their demonstration gardens, representing botanicals used in Shaklee products.

A New Commitment A Million Healthier Lives in 2009

As part of the company's continuing efforts to improve the health of people and the planet, Roger Barnett CEO announced the company's newest campaign to create A Million Healthier Lives in 2009. He also announced that, because of the current economic crisis, for the next 30 days through May 22nd, Shaklee will continue to offer free membership in Shaklee, so folks may start their own business today, in an effort to provide an economic opportunity for one million Americans to provide for their families while also taking care of our planet.

"Shaklee has tried to show the world that companies can build long term successful businesses by helping millions of people have better health and more income, while making a meaningful impact on the world. Shaklee is very proud to provide more than 750,000 members and distributors with an opportunity to do well by doing good which has helped them not just survive, but thrive through every single recession in the last 50 years."

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