Sunday, July 12, 2009

5 Home Remedies for Natural Garden Care

Our garden is flourishing this year between ideal weather conditions and my secret Shaklee formula I use to feed my plants with. Being a Shaklee distributor has it benefits if you follow how I have built my business you would have on hand both products I use in my secret formula. Basic H and Liquid Lea.

For the rest who haven't discovered Shaklee here are 5 remedies that you can use.

Here's common household items you would find in your pantry that can help maintain a beautiful blossoming green garden without using harmful and expensive chemicals from the store.

1. Grubby Gardening Hands: no matter how hard you scrub, do your hands still look like you’ve been digging in the dirt all weekend long? Try rubbing some olive oil and sugar between your palms which can get rid of those soil stained hands.

2. Flower Fertilizer: tired of harmful chemicals? Why not make sure of your own banana peels by sticking them just below the surface of the soil. They will rot quickly and provide your plants with magnesium, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, sodium and silica.

3. Another great at home fertilizer is ground coffee. Coffee is high in nitrogen and can particularly help with your rose bush care. Still a small sprinkle is all your garden needs.

4. Indoor Garden Care: If you have an indoor garden and are worried about the state of your indoor plants, try using castor or mineral oil as a massaging lotion on their leaves. This will leave them looking green and healthy.

5. Brown Be Gone: gardenias and camellia’s are beautiful flowers for your garden. However, in many instances the leaves will turn brown leaving your garden looking a little dull and uncared for. A simple solution to this is table salt. That’s right, just sprinkle a little bit on the plants and the brown will go away.

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