Monday, November 09, 2009

Home Sweet Home are you in one of America's most Toxic Cities

Where we decide to hang our hat at night is really ultimately our choice. I feel very blessed to live in Rural America. Sometimes we must deal with crop spraying from neighboring farms, but for the most part the air we breath is clean, crisp, and fresh.

Here's a listing where you don't want to be No. 1., which is fond of doing lists, has come up with "America's most toxic cities." The business news site has ranked the nation's 40 largest metro areas by the dirtiness of their air and water, the number of places spewing toxic pollution and the number of Superfund hazardous waste dumps.

Atlanta earns the dubious distinction as's most toxic city. It lacks the smokestack industries one might typically associate with pollution, but the sprawl capital of America has some of the worst air quality, thanks to all the motor vehicles cruising its spaghetti bowl of pavement.

Following Atlanta are Detroit, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Los Angeles.

Everyone needs a safe haven away from the toxins in this world if your in one of the more toxic places in america, you really should do what you can to clean up your home and make a safe environment indoors at least.

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