Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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This is a testimony from Jan C.
My husband Jim called today after meeting with his lipid specialist in Minneapolis. Once again his cholesterol numbers have significantly dropped! At the time of his cardiac arrest 20 years ago, his cholesterol was over 400. For years the number gradually went down. Two years ago it was 179 and last year, after a year of being on Vivix, it was 138. That's when his statins were cut in half. Today Jim's total cholesterol is 97.

Jim has struggled with the LDL (bad cholesterol) the most. He has a genetic condition that causes his body to produce too much of it. Originally the LDL was 240. For years he worked to get it to 140 and then to 120. It needed to be less than 100. After a year and a half on Vivix, it dropped to 90. Today it was 58 !!!!!

Jim's doctor made this comment: Nobody wants to deal with the problem. They just want to take a pill to have it go away. When that doesn't happen they get upset." He and his office staff consider Jim their poster child. Jim complies and does what's needed to be healthy, and we support him.

What Jim does each day:

1. Takes Vitalizer, Vivix, Nutriferon, CoQHeart, Liver DTX Complex, and Joint Health Complex (had me order the new Cholesterol Reduction Complex right away, too!)

2. Runs 5 miles (has never missed a day of running in 20 years)

3. Drinks tea instead of coffee (Was addicted to coffee but switched to tea several years ago and dropped 30 points off his cholesterol total)

4. Is his own boss - so he can run and rest as needed (Quit a 20 year corporate job at time of cardiac arrest 20 years ago and located his office at home)

5. Makes decisions that eliminate as much stress as possible from his day.

Our youngest son Matt was 2 when Jim had the cardiac arrest. He got married on June 11 this summer. Twenty years ago, I never imagined that with 3 arteries 100% blocked and the 4th blocked 70%, that Jim would even live to see his youngest son grow up. It's good to note, too, that our three sons and I have supported all of Jim's efforts, and as a result we are healthier ourselves. Our family experience is proof that great health is primarily in the hands of the individual and the choices he or she makes. We've always chosen Shaklee nutrition, for example, and that has paid off royally for us. ~Jan

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