Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Best Natural Mouse Control

Kittens Free to Good Homes where they can thrive!

It's springtime on the farm and with that comes some of the cutest babies. Our Momma kitty is the best mother to her little fur balls, she feeds them, cleans them and hops out of the basket and watches them play. This morning however the little orange kitten (Tanger) crawled up and flipped out behind her. That was a HUGE reality check for me!

The day has come to start looking for new homes for the babies. I posted an ad in our local Craigslist with a link to this video of our little fur balls in hopes someone will give them a good home to do what they do best... Play, Entertain, and eventually catch mice like their mother.

There will be no more kitten's for Miss Bri (Momma kitty) we will be getting her fixed! Miss Bri is very smart cat, she let's us know when she needs outside (just like a dog) so no need for a litter box. She was raised outside on our farm and is a smart, savvy farm kitty doing what farm cats do hunt mice and on lap up the extra goat milk.

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