Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dr. Bruce Daggy's Shaklee 180 Smoothee Generator

Helpful Hints...

The  Generator is not displaying recipes on each line; it’s meant to get you thinking about different types of ingredients to consider.

  •  A good green smoothee will be smooth & cold.  You need a powerful blender that blends ice.
  • We tend to use water & ice, no dairy or other milk.  We replace dairy protein with nuts,and dairy sugar with fruit.  The healthy fat in the nuts is good for gallbladder contraction. Use little juice if any.  Online calculators can help you determine the nutritional values for your recipes.
  •  We add lots of water/ice – we each end up with about 2 pints of liquid.  We take Vitalizer with the second glass.  Start the day well hydrated and well nourished!  
  •  Blanched broccoli – cook & refrigerate night before or even freeze -- works amazingly well, and raw zucchini imparts a creaminess like ice cream.  If you don’t like the bitter note of spinach or kale, try adding lettuce, grapes, apple.
  •  A little citrus juice – we generally add the juice of ½ or one lemon – and fresh root ginger (peeled) really bring up the flavor.  A little hot pepper can add some excitement  to your morning!
  • Cholesterol Reduction Complex disappears completely in the green smoothee, and if anything it is probably more effective when incorporated  into food this way.
  •  If morning time is an issue, the fruit can be chopped/peeled on a weekend and frozen in baggies.  Lemon juice can be frozen in an ice tray and then added to the baggies.  Or have your green smoothee for dinner.
  •  Start the day this way, and it’s easy to achieve 5-a-day fruits and vegetables.
  • It takes a little experimentation to find the recipes you like – go for it, and please share/ REPIN

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