Thursday, January 14, 2021

On Christmas Day Viper our 1st time momma 🐐 had triplets.

 We ended up losing one of the kids and the other 2 were struggling. Thank goodness for Lucas Wilson!!! He brought over a bale of Alfalfa. 

Wow what a difference 4 hours can make! I’m thankful for the pure nutrition Alfalfa provides...Known as “The Great Healer” Alfalfa provides more of the essential elements than almost any other plant or substance.

I’ve used alfalfa for years to keep my allergies at bay. Of course I take the tablet form from SHAKLEE! Several years ago I did some research and wrote an article on the benefits of Alfalfa. You can find it by doing a google search on “alfalfa the great healer”... it’s located in a past post on this blog. 

When it comes to animals it’s very clear what works and what doesn’t! #barefootalk #goats #alfalfa

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