Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Astonishing Clean Air at Curves for Women

I can't even imagine what excercise facilities must go through to keep the indoor air clean... Here is a testimony I think you will enjoy...

By: Sue Gallagher, business owner, Curves for Women

Just to let you know I am very pleased with the AirSource 3000 you placed in our new Curves for Women exercise room. It really passed the test!

Even with all the windows and the door open all day long, and two fans going full blast, ... after a full, very busy twelve hour day of our members “exercising up a storm”, the air smelled particularly unpleasant. It was sweaty and rank. “This smelly air is definitely a good test for that little machine”, I thought, so we didn’t spray the room with deodorizers that night. Instead, I somewhat skeptically decided to just wait and see what the AirSource machine would do.

The next morning — what a pleasant surprise!!! When we opened the door at 6 a.m., the air in that dosed room smelled as fresh and clean as if the sea breezes had been at work airing the place out all night!

I really like that the AirSource 3000 looks like a piece of art, it doesn’t take up a lot of room (It sits compactly on top of the disk player), and that it does its job so efficiently and quietly. We can’t even hear it when the music is off! And no filter changing - Another plus!

Also, now that we have bought the AirSource, I’m not going to buy any more room deodorizers because we won’t be needing them. That’s a savings, and AirSource really cleans the air; it doesn’t just mask or cover up odors. Our air is FRESH and CLEAN, and that is very important for the health of all our members!

Thank you for sharing the amazing Air Purifier technology with me.

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