Thursday, November 18, 2004

Why we recommend Safe Cleaners and Laundry Products

As much as the manufacturer of Barefoot Secret Products is a health company, it’s an environmental company too—in fact, it’s an environmental leader. Just look at Manufacturer's record of accomplishment as a leading “green” company.

They have been a leading environmental company since 1960 when they introduced phosphate-free, biodegradable Concentrated Organic Cleaner to a world where other companies were still touting the benefits of products with phosphates.

The all purpose cleaner helped put the word “biodegradable” into the American vocabulary. In fact, Dr. --- coined the term. Since then the manufacturer has led the way developing a complete line of environmentally safe and friendly household cleaning and laundry products and being recognized as a leader in the environmental movement.

The most recent environmental pioneering accomplishment may be its biggest of all. This manufacturer became the nation’s first Climate Neutral™ Certified enterprise in April 2000 by completely offsetting its greenhouse gas emissions, meaning that the company has achieved a net zero impact on global warming.

The manufacturer innovative approach of protecting the environment has received numerous awards including:
* U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 2002 International Climate Protection Award
*The California Council for Environmental & Economic Balance’s Edmund G. “Pat” Brown Award in 2001
*The Earth Day 2000 New York Environmental Business Leadership Award*Family’s Circle Magazine’s Green Chip award to Shaklee as one of the nation’s ten most environmentally conscious companies.
*One of only seven corporations named Official Sponsors of the 20th Anniversary of Earth Day
*The 2000 Business Environmental Network Award from the Bay Area Action and Peninsula Conservation Center Foundation
*The prestigious Vision for Tomorrow Award from the Direct Selling Association (DSA) Barefoot Products manufacturer is the only company in the history of the DSA to win this award twice.

The manufacturer recognizes that everything we do makes an impact on the planet. Living according to this philosophy means taking care of the earth, starting with using products that are gentle to the earth. With Barefoot's concentrated household cleaners and laundry products, people will save money, throw away fewer containers, and reduce landfill. These products helps give you a clean Shop free of phosphates, chlorine, borates and nitrates.

With Barefoot’s cleaning and laundry products you have a product line that is completely environmental, yet works as good or better than leading store brands and because the cleaners are concentrated they can save you money. With some products a lot of money!

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