Sunday, February 06, 2005

Are Nutritional Scientists reaching the Source of Malnutrition?

This post came from a long time "Barefoot Secret" distributor personally knew the founder of the "Barefoot Secret" Company. Like I have done in my other posts I have taken out the the product manufacturer name and replaced it with "Barefoot Secret" to adhere with the company's P&R guidelines. To learn the name of the manufacture/company just click on the "Barefoot Secret" and it will take you to the manufacturer website.

At times we forget our roots and core values. Regarding "Barefoot Secret Manufacturer", it is the values that fueled growth from the original 5 distributors to over 700,000 distributors in 5 countries. Dr ____ used to send a monthly message to educate his distributors. His products and compensation plan were derived from his core values. In his Chairman's Message of April 1973, he expressed concerns about the quality of our food and the soil in which food is grown.. He also reminded us that have to do more than sell vitamins. We have to be concerned and active in solving pollution problems.

Here is ______'s quote: "In my humble opinion, too many nutritional scientists are failing to reach the source of malnutrition, simply because they cannot evaluate such a fantastic complication through the use of a familiar formula. Such scientists are prone to accept Nature as being perfect.

Of course Nature is perfect, but the soil upon which her product is nurtured may be far from perfect. Man may have so polluted such soil as to make it impossible to produce perfect vegetation. The product can be no better than its source.

In my opinion, most of the disorders present in the digestive tract of man and other animals are traceable to the polluted soil in which the food supply of man grows. The more I consult with the experienced agronomist, the more I am convinced that man does "dig his grave with his teeth." We may supply the necessary vitamins, minerals and proteins as nutritional supplements, but how can we overcome the damage done to our regular food supply by the pollution or our soil? Has the damage done to our soil gone beyond repair?

Are you and the rest of us doing our share to rectify the wrong done to Nature through the desire for greater profit? Man's increasing demands for greater productivity must not continue at the expense of Nature. We must all remember that Nature, not man, provides the basic essentials for life. We must work with our people to be certain they put the basics foremost, in line with Nature's order. If we demand non-essentials, they must come with Nature's cooperation."

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