Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Dramatic Secret Mobile air purifier testimonial

With new studies showing toxic chemicals in common household dust
(some of which may become airborne and breathed in), and the warmer
months bringing pollens and other airborne allergens, now would be an
ideal time to consider an effective air purifier such as that made by
AirSource. We would like to share with you the following inspiring
testimonial from Kathleen Riley,
a very happy user of "Barefoot Secret Products".

For several years, I've had problems sleeping at night for more
than two or three hours at a time because of difficulty breathing
from the various allergens in the air. I had to blow my nose
continually. I felt miserable at night, and due to a lack of sleep,
I was tired much of the time. There were also countless nights of
not sleeping one wink. My sleeping patterns became irregular.

During the day, I often felt miserable. Dust, cat dander, fumes from
chemical supermarket cleaners and other allergens contributed to my
breathing challenges.

When I first tried the AirSource Mobile unit, my family plugged it
into the car's cigarette lighter, and it refreshed the air inside
the car within 30 minutes.

At home, I plugged it into my bedroom outlet and kept it running 24
hours a day. Within the first three to four hours, the air quality
had improved greatly. That night, instead of sleeping two or three
hours and then waking up, I slept for about four hours, then woke up
and within a few minutes, I went back to sleep. For the first time
in years, I was able to breathe deeply.

After the one-week trial period using the AirSource Mobile Air
Purifier loaner unit, it was helping me so much that it was hard
parting with it and giving it back. My family decided that we were
going to purchase a purifier from "Barefoot Secret", and normally it takes a
week or so for shipping before it arrives. I was very happy when my distributor
happened to have one in stock that I could purchase that
very day. I was relieved that I wouldn't have to wait a week or
so, and go back to suffering with sinuses, allergies and problems

As the AirSource Mobile unit was reducing the airborne contaminants,
within one week, I was sleeping for six hours straight before waking
up. Within two weeks, I was able to sleep through the entire night.
By the fourth week, the quality and duration of my sleep had greatly
improved. Sleeplessness, the main problem, had gone away, and I was
able to sleep the whole night through and wake up refreshed.

The AirSource Mobile purifies the air up to 300 square feet, so as
long as I am within that parameter, I've been able to breathe
deeply. When I am in other parts of the house away from the treated
air, my breathing challenges would return.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in my office working at my computer for
several hours. For the first couple of hours, my breathing was being
affected by the airborne allergens and every few minutes I was
reaching for a Kleenex to blow my nose. I was miserable and found it
hard to concentrate on the project on which I was working. When you
can't breathe out of your nose, that's a major distraction. I
thought to myself, "Why am I suffering like this when I could go
get the AirSource Mobile air purifier from my bedroom and plug it in
the office?"

After I brought the unit to my office and as it began to purify the
air, within 30 minutes I was feeling better, and within an hour I was
breathing much easier. The AirSource air purifier not only
decreased the airborne contaminants, but within a short period of
time, I had forgotten that I even had been suffering from breathing
problems in the first place. I was able to enjoy working on my
project for several hours without having to breathe in airborne

Before we knew about AirSource, we've been using another popular
brand of air purifier for years in our home. We have two large units
that clean the air throughout the whole house, and two miniature ones
for the bedroom, office or bathroom. These four units of the other
brand of air purifier have helped somewhat to improve air quality,
but the difference hasn't been significant. Even with them
running 24/7, we still suffered from breathing in the airborne
allergens. I used to have the other leading brand of air purifier
plugged in my room, but it wasn't doing much for me. I still
suffered daily with breathing difficulties from the allergens,
especially at night. The airborne impurities robbed me of precious

In using both the "Barefoot Secret" AirSource Mobile air purifier and the
leading brand we've been using, from my own personal experience,
I would say that the other brand is average, but the AirSource is

With the AirSource Mobile unit, I noticed a dramatic improvement in
air quality. Not only was the air freshened, but I was able to
breathe much easier, too. I had previously gone through years of
enduring a lack of sleep. But in one month's time — to go
from sleeping two or three hours nightly (with miserable tossing and
turning) to sleeping eight to nine hours with sound sleep and deep
breathing — that is a miracle, and I'm very grateful. It's been
wonderful to wake up feeling refreshed versus waking up feeling tired
and groggy.

I've been so pleased with the AirSource Mobile Air Purifier that I
want to very soon get the larger AirSource unit that takes care of
the whole house (purifies up to 3000 square feet).

I would highly recommend the AirSource air purifier to anyone who
suffers from breathing problems, has trouble sleeping, has pets,
lives near refineries, lives in an area where there are many airborne
allergens or chemicals, or works in an atmosphere where there are
chemical odors released into the air (including beauty salons). The
AirSource air purifier does an excellent job of cleansing the air of
various allergens, as well as freshening the air of odors or musty
smells. It gives the atmosphere a clean, fresh country air scent, or
like that of the refreshing scent of a sweet, pure sea breeze.

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