Tuesday, March 08, 2005

How to Clean Drains the Natural Way!

This message came from a plumber who discovered a way to get better results than the instructions on our natural drain cleaner

Natural Drain Cleaner! For all your pipes and drains

Having been a plumber by trade, I use a slightly different procedure than the instructions say on the container. But I can assure you this procedure will enhance the performance of Natural Drain Cleaner AND your drains!
A. Thompson, New Brighton, MN.
Recommended treatment for slow drains:.
Mix 2 teaspoons of Natural Drain Cleaner with 2 cups warm water in a small container. [The Natural Drain Cleaner dissolves into an enzyme solution.]
Pour the enzyme solution down your drain.
Do not use the drain for about 6 hours.
To maintain clean drains, treat with Natural Drain Cleaner once every month.

I treat a slow drain for 5 days; this will coat the inside of your drain with the enzymes. The warm water activates the enzymes. As the enzyme solution travels through the drain, the enzymes cling to and embed themselves in the build-up that makes your drains run slow. The enzymes will continue to eat the build-up until your drains are cleared and squeaky clean! You should notice an improvement in the flow rate after about 3 days.

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