Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Burn Testimony.. Using Barefoot All Purpose Household Cleaner

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elskbrev said...

I grew up in a household where my parents were Shaklee distributors, so I am well acquainted with the use of Basic H on minor burns. This is the first I have read of its use on more serious burns.

My daughter just got a five hour sunburn, and all I had in the house was Basic H2, so I diluted it by half with distilled water and put that on it. It "cooled" the burn immediately and made the pain subside.

Two days later, she is healing and has no blistering, though her shoulders and face are still bright red. Only the area on her neck appears to be destined to peel; it was the worst sunburned. Poor kid.

Even so, I have a concern. Is Basic H2 a slightly different formulation than Basic H? They didn't make Basic H2 when I was a kid, so my only experience with the use of the organic all purpose cleaner for healing burns was with Basic H.

I turned to the Basic H anytime I had a minor burn from the iron or oven, or too much sun.

So, what about the formula? Do I need to get Basic H if I want it in my first aid kit? Or is H2 essentially the same thing, only concentrated?


Cindy McAsey said...

As you can see the testimony above the product used was Basic H (the orginal)

I personally use the original Basic H for everything except cleaning then I use Basic H2. I love the new formula for cleaning, with good reason it's proven to be even more effective.

As for the farm, burns, natural pesticide I stick with the old Blue Basic H.