Friday, August 11, 2006

Barefoot Secret Company Celebrates 50 years in Business

Maybe I'm being biased here but for a MLM company to celebrate 50 years of being in business really makes them stand out above the crowd. There isn't any company that could stay in business that long with out products that are excellent and could stand alone if there were a opportunity attached with them or not. But our very own Barefoot Secret Company is one of those companies to reach a majic milestone.

One of the very first products produced by that company is all purpose H. I noticed this morning there are many testimonials stating that all purpose H is what started their business and continues to be the back bone of their business. Read some of these Testimonials

I know for our family we use this all purpose cleaner lots of stuff here on the farm. We use it as part of a formula to keep the flies off our precious mules. We bath our dogs in it. we mix it with water when watering the garden during the hot dry days of summer. It makes water wetter keeping the soil moist and conditioned longer. This is just the tip of the ice berg...

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