Friday, August 25, 2006

Key Secrets to a Healthier Environment

The 50th Celebration was one most will never forget. I know for our country bumpkin family it was quite an experience going to the "City" much less being a part of a huge celebration like we experienced with over 10,000 distributors. One presentation that really inspired me was Roger Barnett's the CEO of "Barefoot Secret Company"

Roger talked about statistics and shared his vision and passion on how the entire planet with BETTER HEALTH AND BETTER ENVIRONMENT would completely stop all fighting and we could have world peace and a healthy world to live in. It's amazing thought when you think about it... if everybody in the world knew about Barefoot Secret Company took 2 multi-vitamin and used the environmently safe cleaners in the NEW KIT how it would END hunger, poverty, and global warming and bring peace...

This was the first conference to be held that had ZERO inpact on the environment. Barefoot Secret Company has completely off set the emmissions of the conference and also in everything they do from making the products to shipping to the corporate offices. Gosh just think the difference it would make if other large companies would follow suit!

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