Friday, April 27, 2007

New Green Cleaners Featured on The Oprah Show

The response to The Oprah Show specials has been such a hit I've decided to set up a specail web page to make it simple to have access to the "Oprah Green Clean Special"

If you know anything about me, you know that I am passionate about health and a safe environment. Protecting the Earth isn't just about global warming it's about your family's health as well. The choices we make as consumers can make a positive impact.

~ The Oprah Winfrey Show ~
Green Cleaning 101 Special
On this year's special Green Clean Oprah show, Oprah featured Shakle*s Green Clean household cleaners. Oprah loved them so much that they quickly became one of her "FAVORITE THINGS" and she gave this Green Clean gift basket to her entire audience.

They offered some special discounts on the show, and I'm extending those to you.

Take at Look at our Green Clean Special Discounts

Whether you're a newcomer to our product line or already a member, you can take advantage of these specials. Just contact me via my live online assistance button on the right or give me a call at 888.272.6701. You'll receive the "Oprah" special price, we'll handle the details, and your Green Clean products will be shipped right to your door.

Not registered as a member yet? You can receive a free membership with your Green Clean order, now through May 20th.

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