Saturday, May 26, 2007

Green Before Green was Cool...

Do you remember the song Barbara Mandrell sang I was country before contry was cool. Well that's saying can really relate to our Barefoot Secret Biz too. For over 50 years now Barefoot Secret Biz has been creating healthier lives one step at a time. Lately however Roger Barnett the CEO of Barefoot's Secret Biz has created lots of press. A little over a month ago Roger and his wife Sloan were on Oprah durning her green earth day special. {I've got a clip of it in my online web conference room if you would like to see it. Go to and click to enter the web cast room once you are in my conference room just click on recorded trainings and look for the link that says Oprah.}

Talk about a boost for business!!!

Roger isn't done with his biz buzz yet. Just this last week Fortune senior writer Marc Gunther sat down for a two-hour lunch with Roger. He captured in one article what most people would take a whole magizine to capture. Here is a link to the artice that came from that conversation:

As you can see by this article Barefoot's Secret Biz was really Green before Green was COOL!

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