Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Basic G (safe germicide) to the rescue

Testimonial...by Donna
Donna knows our products, having used them for years, and this explains why she thought of using Basic G as she did. (Cautionary note: We cannot sell Basic G as a cure for toe nail fungus, because that would make it a medication. Shaklee does not market it as a medication and the FDA has not approved it as a medication.} Having given the caution, thanks to Donna, I have tried it for a similar - but not so severe problem - and it is working for me. Thanks, again.
”Stop The Presses!
I wanted to share something remarkable that happened to me recently regarding Shaklee’s Basic-G. Those who use Basic-G are well aware of its effectiveness on killing bacteria, fungus, etc. in household uses. I recently got an awful case of toe fungus which killed one large toe nail completely and half damaged my other large toe nail.
The podiatrist gave me three options for treatment:
1) have him remove the nail and wait for it to re-grow,
2) use an oral medication which meant first doing a blood test to see if my liver was strong enough to withstand the effects of the medication and taking a “biopsy” of my nail OR...
3) apply a polish-type treatment.
Which would you choose?
Since my nail had grown into the top of my toe, options 1 & 2 didn’t sound too pleasant, option 2 scared me, and option 3 has a 12% success rate over a 42 week period [I think of “almost a year”] and it isn’t recommended to use it longer than the 42 weeks.
I chose option 3 but our insurance company wouldn’t cover the $115 cost. I decided to soak my feet in water and Basic-G. I figured if it kills fungus, then it had a chance of working on the fungus on my toes. I couldn’t believe it but within one week, the fungus was gone and within two weeks the nails began to grow back. It is now about a month later and both nails have grown significantly. I had cut back the worse nail entirely [it is half grown back] and had cut back the other nail about half-way [it is 3/4 grown back]. What the doctor estimated would take months to accomplish happened in a matter of days and weeks. I still soak my feet daily and apply the Enfuselle PM skin treatment and hand and body lotion to keep the healing skin soft.

Basic-G is a concentrated cleaner that kills over 40 different microbes [bacteria, viruses], including several animal viruses. That makes it an excellent choice for use in the kitchen, bathroom, or pet areas. One quart makes up to 64 gallons.

Although Shaklee does not officially recommend Basic-G for use this way, I found it to be quite helpful. I also add that I think I got the fungus at my nail salon, which I have recently left. They are not careful to disinfect brushes that are used to clean both hands and pedicure tubs. Be very careful to notice what precautions your nail salon does or does not take.

To order Basic G visit: https://us.shaklee.com/Green-Home/Household-Cleaning/All-Purpose/Basic-G+%E2%84%A2-Germicide/p/00527?sponsorId=c68rbjN3%2BoWgtJIes%2BjgJg%3D%3D&pwsName=barefoot

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Health-Connection said...

How much Basic G per gallon of water for nail fungus please?

Cindy McAsey said...

We would put a mixture of 1/2 teaspoon plus water to fill a 16 oz spray bottle.