Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Vet Uses Barefoot Secret Products with Great Results!

This is a personal testimonial about the wonderful germicidal cleaner. There are two employees at my clinic that are very sensitive to chemical odors. Since we have been using the Germicide, there have been no complaints of headaches from chemical fumes. G is also a great cleaning product. The kennel help indicates that it removes dried blood better than any product that we have used in the past. The clinic uses G in the mop buckets, so we are able to disinfect the floors of the clinic throughout the day. I personally use All Purpose H to wash my hands between patients. In the past my hands have been dry, red, and cracked from washing with harsh soaps. All Purpose H doesn't strip the natural protective coating from one's skin. My hands are all healed. They aren't cracked or dry. I have also been using Barefoot's Secret nutritional products to help animals with allergies, and hip dysplasia. I have been quite happy with the results.Barefoot's Secret Joint health is the best glucosamine product on the market. It has worked better than I expected it to work in dogs with hip dysplasia. Sincerely, Molly C. Spicuzza, DVM White Lake Veterinary Clinic White Lake Michigan Order Germicide here online OR call 888-272-6701 Editors Note: To see the Barefoot's secret manufacture or "real" (trademarked) product names click on the links. Generic names have been used to meet the manufacturer guidlines.

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