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Burn/Healing Testimony

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By Rod Larkin
This info is long overdue and I share this for two reasons--that it may be of help to others in the future who suffer a severe burn, and to let others know the important role Barefoot products play in the healing process. Also, I am talking about more than just the nutrition products.

On Sept. 10th of 2000, I had a freak accident in the morning at our cabin.It was raining lightly and I was putting some big logs on our campfire that had been burning for 3 days. As I stepped to the edge of the pit I slipped on a muddy patch, both feet went out from under me and my right foot shot into the deep bed of coals. The tennis shoe I was wearing melted instantly as well as about 40% of the skin on my foot from ankle to ankle.

I jumped up and ran into the cabin, grabbing a gallon jug of all purpose household cleanser (H) that was sitting by the door, stuck my foot in the sink, turned on the cold water, poured on H and began to wash the mud, ashes, and sheets of skin off.

The water and H took the sting away and at the time it didn't look or feel much worse than a good sunburn. After cleanup, I applied more H to the burn (feels good!) and then I put my socks and workboots on and went on about my day, until about 4:00 when my foot began to let me know it wasn't very happy.

I packed up things and headed home and called on the cell phone to see if Brenda McCumons (E.R. Nurse, friend, and business leader) was home and could take a look at my foot when I got home. When she saw my foot that night, nearly 12 hours after the burn, she knew in an instant I had a major, major problem.

She had hospital-grade burn treatment supplies and took care of my foot that night and the next 48 hours until I got in to see my doc, about 72 hours after the burn.I had no skin over my ankles and the back achilles tendon was exposed. Mostly all 2nd, and quite a bit of 3rd degree burn. The doc said it looked like it had been well-taken care of (which it had!).

He said with the severity of burn/skin loss I had, it would take several months to heal and that the achilles may need skin grafting. The biggest concern was the risk of infection. The doc prescribed silvadine cream, pain meds, and daily soaking of my foot for 30' in warm water and betadine solution.
The first few days, a few minutes was all I could tolerate at best. Brenda "suggested" the supplements I would want to take to aid in the healing process. So I began what I thought would be the long road back to recovery.

INFECTION? Not with Barefoot's Secret Germicide! (G)

Each day as I would have to epxose the burn, soak my foot, and put new dressing on, everything in the surrounding work area I sprayed with a mild G solution, including everything that would come in contact with or near my skin, including my hands. This eliminated my risk for infection on the outside.

The supplement regime I was on helped to eliminate the risk of infection on from the inside. The result? Zero infection the entire time and no anti-biotics were ever used.

HEALING AND GROWING NEW SKIN! My obvious challenge was to stay off my feet as much as possible and consume a lot of skin building nutrients toregenerate 3 layers of new skin. I continued to soak my foot daily for over 6 weeks. Each daily exposure to air could allow for infection to begin.

If you know Brenda McCumons M.S. story, you know what a huge believer she is in soy protein and vitamin/herb supplementation. I needed to consume LOTS of any nutrients that would be associated with building new skin cells.

From the first day after the burn, this is what I took every single day without out fail:
2 Energizing soy protein drinks, 4-5 tbsp per drink, mixed in water, total of 8-10 tbsp a day.

Twice daily the following supplements...... 4 Vita-E Plus, 5 Sus Rel Vita-C 500 mg, 3 Zinc, 1 Carotomax, 3 Vita-Lea, 3 B Complex, 2 Calcium Complex, 2 Formula 1, 2 Herb Lax, 4 Garlic, 3 Lecithin. So X those amounts by two and that was my daily intake of supplements.

I also took some other supplements I usually take anyway, but not in increased amounts such as the above.These two rounds of protein and supps were my breakfast and lunchessentially. Consuming that much protein and nutrients, I was not very hungry and ate a light dinner consisting of a meat protein of some sort and lots of vegetables and produce.

I returned to the doc 2 weeks to the day after the burn. He did adouble-take when he saw my foot. I asked three questions- how long for total healing of new skin over the open wound? A few more weeks was the reply, down from months as predicted 2 weeks earlier!

Will I need skin grafting?At the rate you are healing, probably not was the reply. My 3rd question was, when do I need to come in again? You don't need to as long as no infection begins.

I never went back. In just under 7 weeks my foot had 100% new skin replacement. Of course this was new, tissue paper thin skin and the need to bandage and pad it and be very cautious to protect it from reopening was critical.

I customized my own, shoes, boots, etc (using scissors, knives, and tape!) to allow me to get about without anything rubbing or coming in contact with my new skin.

Barefoot's Secret Skin Care! The next step was to feed and nourish this new skin from the outside as well as I was from the inside with my supplements. Now that I had complete skin closure, I began a twice daily regime using Secret Skin Care products.

I applied the Calming treatemnt, then PM Repair, then Hydrating Moistuizer. My skin began to thicken and regenerate at warp speed. At 9 weeks after the accident, I was able to put on my hunting clothes and(regular) boots and go out for the Nov 15 Deer opener!

It will be 4 months since the burn on January 10. My skin is 100% smooth, no ridges, uneven skin, or scar tissue. I've been able to wear my normal shoes for several weeks now. More than half of the burn area is now normal skin color (with hair!) and you could not detect it was burned.

The areas of deepest burn are still a dark red, but shrinking in size each week. Other than a slight area of still sensitive skin over my achilles, I have no reminder of being burned. No hot or cold sensitivity.
Note- The manufacturer of Barefoot's Products does not promote or endorse in any way my use of the products mentioned for the treatment of burns. I was responsible for my own health and made my own decisions and choices with regards to what products I used and how I used them. I also know that I made the right choices and what I did worked and can not be disputed!

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