Friday, October 01, 2004

How to remove Cat Urine SMELL from Carpets

This is some info about eliminating odor from pet urine & why Build-Up Remover works:

The enzymes in Build-Up Remover "digest" the compounds in the urine that cause the odor. Biodegreat even eliminates (not merely "reduces" but actually eliiminates) the strong odor of adult male cats.
Cat Urine Aroma Stain RemovalUrine aroma & stain removal ... use Build-Up Remover

Urine aroma & stain removal Our Technica recommend Build-Up Remover! as the best product to use on carpets to remove cat urine.

Mix 4 teaspoons of the powder in a container of warm water and apply on the affected area. Dampen a towel and use it to cover the area for 24 hours.
Use a carpet extractor to remove residue from the carpet afterwards.

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