Friday, October 08, 2004

Do you know the history Behind All Purpose Cleaner (H)?

It started in Dr's lab, where he was experimenting with soybeans. There was an explosion, so they called in the clean-up crew. Only cleaning up was a cinch.

That was the beginning of All Purpose Cleaner (H), which doesn't even have a patent on it because the company doesn't intend to disclose the formula. So far no one has been able to reverse-engineer it, either, though they've tried.

H is a harmless cleaner that leaves no residue. It breaks down into carbon dioxide and water vapor.
It's colorless and odorless, so the company adds a little blue color and some oil of bitter lemon so we don't drink it by mistake. We don't want to be TOO clean inside.
Here are some more uses.

1. To strengthen my pantyhose. I found out if you wash them in cold water with a drop of H, they last lots longer.

2. To get the grit out of spinach. I don't care if spinach from the store is triple-washed, it can still be gritty. You can wash it a fourth time, and some sand will still cling. But if you put it in a basin of cold water and add one drop of H, all the sand and grit will be released and will drop instantly to the bottom of the basin in a most satisfying way. Works for dirty potatoes, too.

3. To take the pain out of burns. If you get a burn, immediately pour on the H. The pain will subside, and even blisters have gone away.

4. Prespotting my shirts. I seem to attract oily spots on my shirts. I keep a small bottle of H in the bathroom so when I undress, I can put it immediately on the spots. It works for ketchup as well as butter.... Then I put the shirt right into the hamper. It doesn't matter if it sits for a few days -- the stain won't set, and the H won't harm the fabric.

5. Keeping the doors from squeaking. I really like H better than WD-40 for putting on the hinges of squeaky doors. If I spill some, it won't stain the rug or the paint or my hands or my shirt. And the door stops driving me crazy.

6. Keeps my hands from getting grimy-looking when I'm out in the garden. I put it on my hands like lotion before I go out. I then play in the dirt all I want, and then wash my hands with the garden hose. The H rises up out of all the creases and cracks and cleans my hands from beneath the dirt and stains.

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