Wednesday, September 29, 2004

All Purpose Cleaner H to the Rescue for Burns

Editors Note: This is part of a blog I found and thought you might like it too as it relates to All Purpose Cleaner H the safe cleaner that I have posted about so many times... This blogger is talking about his grandpa and how he has only half of his fingers left, because of accidents. I would imagine Grandma has just about given up worring about him at this point... Here is the story..

This is same man who was working on his car and something under the hood exploded and his whole upper body was engulfed in flames. He was flailing about in the driveway and my grandma came running out and poured a gallon of Basic H over his head and body and he walked away with no scarring whatsoever, just the hair singed off.

All Purpose Cleaner H is a “wonder” product used and endorsed by everyone in my family. The story goes that the vitamin mogul Dr. --- was so frugal that he wanted virtually no waste or byproducts in his factory so he created All Purpose Cleaner H which is the runoff of all the vitamins that are produced. It is a highly concentrated liquid vitamin. I was taught that it is a cure-all and pushed to use it for everything from mouth wash to bug spray to colon irrigation. I will attest that it works wonderfully for poison ivy, sunburns, and bubble baths. But it tasted like shit when grandma tried to pour it on my cereal every morning.

Editors note again: My children would also attest to the fact that I use Barefoot Secret Products for "everything" I wouldn't ever try to get them to eat All Purpose Cleaner H on their cereal though. Grandma must have thought her grandson had worms...that would be the only reason I could think of that she would do this.

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