Monday, December 20, 2004

Anti-bacterial Soaps... Do they help or hurt?

I always have always felt that a pH balanced soap like Barefoot Secret's Hand and Body Wash keeps you washing the germs away, and keeps the acid mantle protection on our skin that is so important for our own body's defense system.

Here is some information from Beyond Pesticides, that goes along with my feelings why not to use Anti-bacterial Soaps!

"Triclosan is found in hundreds of common everyday products, including nearly half of all commercial soaps. It is used so frequently that Triclosan has made its way into the human body....a Swedish study found Triclosan in human breast milk in three out of five women."

Numerous studies have found that Triclosan promotes the emergence of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. There is good evidence that with the continued wide spread use of Triclosan, antibiotic resistance will become increasingly problematic.

The article really hits it on the head....this stuff is in your bathmat, your towels etc....they are putting it everywhere....some sheets and blankets have it.

I don't want my new babies having this stuff for dinner do you?

Did you know 80% of what is put on your skin asorbs into your body? It's really kind of scary if you think about it...
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