Thursday, December 09, 2004

This Air Purifier is Amazing...

I stepped in gasoline and couldn't get the smell out of a favorite pair of shoes. I thought I'd have to throw them away. I put them next to the Air Purifier for a day and the odor was gone!!

---> Valerie Miles, Board Certified Pediatrician, says: " The --- Air purifier has been just amazing for kids with respiratory probelms, such as asthma and allergies."

Her statement is in harmony with a statement from the EPA: " Long-term health effects from repeated exposure to polluted air include some respiratory diseases, heart disease, and cancer. It is prudent to impove indoor air quality in your home, even when symptoms are not noticable!"

--> Clinical tests showed that ---Air Purifier reduced airborne mold up to 97% in only 4 days...

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