Thursday, December 16, 2004

Why Barefoot's Herbal Product is so important.....

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I had the opportunity to listen in on a call last night from our upline Master Coordinator. (top of the "secret" company) Jim Burke...

He confirmed what I have believed for years and that's my favorite product, Barefoot's Herbal Jim talked about how "Herbal" is NOT a laxative, but a body cleanser. It cleanses the NODES, colon, blood, liver, kidneys.

Dr.(name of manu) spent 8 years researching for the formulation of this product. He made "Herbal" in the early 40's because he knew that people were not eating enough fiber foods and too much processed foods and we were going to be in BIG trouble with degenerative diseases.

Remember, every major disease starts in the colon and intestines. "Herbal" is a wonderful body cleanser. We need to cleanse the inside of our bodies DAILY like we cleanse the outside. Dr. ---- called "Herbal", "Our Long Handle Toothbrush for our insides"!!

I believe like Jim believes that EVERY human being on the face of the earth needs this product DAILY. We would not have the cancers, the degenerative diseases if we kept our bodies cleansed and flushed with "Herbal". Jim Burke is a biochemist, a Master Coordinator and has done years of research in the field of nutrition. He knows what he's talking about.

Hope you take your "Herbal" tonight!!!

You know what's really weird...just yesterday I was talking to a customer on the phone and she had overheard a conversation at the Dr. Office waiting room. It was someone talking about migraines and how he has used "Herbal" 1 tablet a day for over 7 years to keep his migraines at bay. He went on to say that he has tested the product several times by stoping to take it for a few days and with out fail the migraines come back!!

This man in the waiting room was also talking about how reasonable the price is ($7.95 for 60 tablets) and how he feels that some of the medical professionials don't want people to find out about this inexpensive cure for migraines.

My customer called me and was asking if I had ever heard of people using "herbal" for migraines? Gosh it was almost like day..sha..voo.. when I heard Jim's call last night. It really does make since keep the insides clean and lots of other health problems disapear.

Oh and by the way I do know of several areas that health professionals recommend this product and other "Barefoot's Secret " products.

To learn more about the manufacturer and this wonderful "herbal" product go to:

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