Friday, December 03, 2004

M.D. Allergist comments on our Air Purifier

Testimonie By: Dr. Michael O'., MD

I am very enthusiastic about the "Air Purifier". I'm particularly impressed with the technology.

The system appears to have a unique ability to purify the air of odors, particulates and other contaminants including mold. What impresses me most is that the photoionization.

Ultraviolet...does so much more than hepas, electrostatics, etc. because they cleanse particulates but it actually seems that most others aren't really killing anything. We have patients who have purchased other types and have not gotten results.

This is not the same old stuff.

Especially, I think, for people having problems with molds. It is so important for people to realize that a unit that does a whole house for this price!

The price is extremely reasonable. I've had patients who have paid $400-$800 for something that does only a small amount of space and not even that as well as the Air Purifier.

We have people who go to Wal-Mart or someplace else for something cheaper, but they don't get anything that will get the job done.

For people looking for a whole house solution, the price is very reasonable! We have not found central filters very helpful. Most patients I deal with here (in the Denver metro area) and in the mountains don't have air-conditioning so a central filter for them only works six months out of the year.

They also only work when the fan is running - that stirs up even more dust and pollutants. We certainly recommend "Air purifier" for those patients who are looking for something to deal with all the contaminants, molds, particulates, odors, etc.

We are very impressed with the way it's approaching air quality problems. Mold and odor problems are serious business. Not all our patients want to treat their air, but for those who do, we feel this is the most effective solution.

I can see how, in some parts of the country, this would be an even more invaluable asset places where the humidity is higher, so molds are more prevalent. Thank you for the one page data information.

We are sharing this with our patients as we recommend the unit to them. This unique technology is really exciting and impressive.

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